For the Love of Food and Yoga

Foods to eat before yoga class must be nutritious and light. It must be eaten at least 60 to 90 minutes before the time to sit on your yoga mat.

I was very excited for my first yoga class today. I woke up early, had my breakfast, and reached the yoga centre as fast as I could to prepare my body for yoga. My yoga instructor commenced to make us perform some easy yoga poses for beginners. I effectively performed some of the initial yoga poses but as time passed I could feel uneasiness in my abdomen.

At one point of time stomach ache was so severe that I literally lay down on my yoga mat. Then my instructor reminded me of having light breakfast which must include easy-to-digest food before yoga. It just slipped of my mind and I ended up missing my most awaited first yoga class. Then I decided to thoroughly get aware and adhere to what foods to eat before and after yoga. Here in this article I would share my learning on some guidelines to follow and foods to eat before and after yoga.

Foods To Eat Before & After Yoga


  • Firstly have a look at some basic guidelines on eating foods before and after yoga.
  • Eat light meal, such as fruit or juice at least one hour before class.
  • For large meals that includes veggies and whole grains, eat at least two hours before class.
  • Heavy meal such as meat should be eaten at least three to four hours before class.
  • After morning yoga class, do not eat 30 minutes after the class. Then you can have a glass of warm milk or fruit juice.
  • After evening yoga class spare at least 30 minute time prior to eating anything.

A balanced diet which incorporates a variety of foods into your daily diet is essential for maintaining vitality. Eat for nutrition and not taste should be in your mind when undergoing yoga. Good nutritious sources of foods must include carbohydrates, protein, fats, vitamins/ minerals, and water. Carbohydrates, protein, fats are sources of energy which are essential before and after yoga. Carbohydrates offer instant energy, proteins help build and repair muscle, and fats provide lasting energy and water keeps you hydrate. Select foods such as fruits and vegetables, whole grain breads, pasta, chicken, fish, and/or tofu, peanuts, etc. Let’s have a look at What Foods To Eat Before And After Yoga

Foods To Eat Before Yoga – Foods To Eat Before & After Yoga

Foods to eat before yoga class must be nutritious and light. It must be eaten at least 60 to 90 minutes before the time to sit on your yoga mat.

For morning yoga class, eat half a banana or a handful of berries at least 30 or more minutes prior. For quick and easy breakfast before yoga class, have a protein shake – mix 8 ounces of milk with a scoop of a protein powder, one tablespoon of hemp seeds, ½ cup of frozen berries and a handful of fresh spinach. If you are running out of time and want to have some quick food before yoga class, drink a glass of almond milk or juice to provide your body with some sugar and calories for energy. For evening yoga class, eat a small snack 60-90 minutes before yoga class. This small snack will keep you going and give energy you need after a long day.

Your foods to eat list before yoga can include – Plain and unsalted Almonds that are high in vitamin E, potassium, and magnesium, giving you the energy and stamina to hold yoga poses. A protein-rich, plain full-fat Greek yogurt mixed with some almond butter, cinnamon and unsweetened coconut slices also serves great before yoga class. Also, dried fruits like apricots are low in acidity and contain natural sugars to boost your energy without heartburn. Bananas are another quick source of potassium that also helps to keep hydrated. You can also have avocado or water-rich fruits like melons to just grab them from fridge and eat them on the go before yoga class.

Foods To Eat After Yoga – Foods To Eat Before & After Yoga

Foods to eat after yoga must be nutritious and must be eaten at least after 30 minutes but within 60 minutes. Eat foods that quickly gets absorb and are easily digested. Include foods that combine lean protein and a small amount of carbs. Proteins are must after yoga session but keep a watch on carbs intake and do not over-eat carbohydrates. Protein supports your muscles to recover, adapt, and build while carbohydrates rapidly push nutrients into your muscles.

After morning yoga class, eat two-egg omelet with fresh vegetables like tomatoes and spinach or turkey bacon or fresh fruit. After evening yoga session, eat grilled salmon and sautéed veggies for a delicious dinner of lean protein. Ensure to eat enough protein all through the day as your muscles can heal and grow after each yoga session.

Your foods to eat list after yoga can include – a protein shake or sweet potatoes (boiled or roasted) contains excellent starchy carbs or some hard boiled eggs are good and quickly be eaten. Some wonderful after yoga snacks may include salad with quinoa, steamed vegetables, apple slices with almond butter, and edamame.


This exclusive list contains foods to eat before yoga and after yoga session which had helped my body get the needed nutrition. Remember it is important to provide your body with needed nourishment to have enough energy while performing yoga poses.