Yoganize Healing Yoga

Someone has said “beauty isn’t about having a pretty face, its about having a pretty heart with a pretty soul”. And would you believe if I say that Anti-aging exercises can actually bring the real natural beauty in you?

We go to the parlors spent most of the time in doing facials, buying costly cosmetics. Even after doing all this things we are worried about “how I will look when I will get old?”. Beauty is something where you should be able to find yourself without looking into the mirror. This is not the case with youngsters. Both young and old generations are moving in the same direction. Like celebrities even they prefer to go for all kind for laser surgeries to look young. Its will make them feel good for some time. As time changes the worst effects of all this laser treatments will be seen. Moreover what to say, the main reason responsible for such tired face is our work. The busy schedule in which we are endorsed. This whole day’s course reflects in the form of stress on our face. We don’t have time to go for natural methods, so all are running behind instant treatments. Cant we go for yoga? All you have to do is to chant this four letter mantra and see the real beauty on your face. Yoga is something made with no chemicals and no pricey beauty packages. Also a method of gaining relaxation through spiritual guidance.

Anti-aging exercises

Some of the face yoga poses in Anti-aging exercises

This will tighten necks, lift your eyes, tone cheeks and smooth lines

The Forehead Smoother Anti-aging exercises


The pose uses acupressure to remove stress. Stops wrinkles through the relaxation of the forehead muscles.


  • In the beginning make a fist with your both hands. Now place the index and middle finger knuckles in the center region of the forehead. Slowly apply pressure on this area.
  • Keep the pressure constant as you slide the fists out to each sides.
  • End the process by gently pressing your knuckles into your temples(part of the head behind the eyes)
  • Continue the steps for four more times.

The Face Lift Anti-aging exercises


Lifts the eyes and cheeks. Smoothers the smiles lines.


  • Keep both palms on your temples. Then lifting the sides of the face shove your hands up and back.
  • In the next step open your mouth to make an O shape.
  • Try to drop your jaw to make your face as long.
  • Stay in this pose for about five seconds.
  • Repeat the same steps for two more times.

The Neck Lift Anti-aging exercises


Firms up double chins. Also tightens the jaw line and neck to retrain sagging.


  • Start by puckering your lips to one side as much as possible, by doing you will feel a stretch in the cheeks.
  • Now lift your head up to about 45 degree angle and turn your head to that side. This will make you feel a stretch in the neck.
  • Hold this position for three seconds.
  • Repeat the same steps to the other side.


The above given poses are both beneficial and chemical free. After performing all these steps in an appropriate manner. Remember the next time when you thing about any alluring things. Don’t forget to count yourself the first in that list.