The Yoga Bible

Yoga is one of the oldest traditions that was started off centuries ago by the wise minds of India. The main motive of Yoga is to understand the fact that the body is only an instrument to attain inner peace and by controlling the mind, anything and everything is possible. This is very much blended with meditation which is of prime importance to control the mind, body and soul.

In today’s generation, the purpose of yoga has changed to a great extent. While the concept remains the same, the motive is different. People are bending, stretching and pulling their body in weird poses to get rid of obesity, stress and balance their blood pressure that have apparently spiked up. Now I am not saying this is wrong but if you are not serious about yoga, then there are alternatives you can try such as walking or hitting the gym but not yoga. Here are some eight inconvenient yet under looked factors that says why you cannot master yoga.

Patience and Perseverance: In a speed driven world, we barely have the time to spend it with families and friends, so why yoga be any different? I am not being sarcastic here but simply putting it right at your face we all know deep inside is true.

Yoga, just like family and friends need few minutes of your daily life simply because it is a lifelong approach to keep a person overall healthy and positive. Things do not happen overnight. Its all about having patience and dedicating yourself that will help you cross each and every phase of yoga successfully.

Meditation: Yoga when combined with meditation is a powerful combo and helps you to attain a great amount of physical and emotional balance. While yoga helps you to lose weight and have a flexible body, meditation will help you to relax and focus on balancing the postures. This will double the results and you will find yourself swiftly practicing even the difficult of postures quite easily.

Time management: Certain people stick to a schedule. They are not wrong, just programmed in this way. They wake up, cook, send their kids to school, go to work, come back, cook, go to sleep and so their life stories continue. Even the slightest addition in this routine can mess up their whole system. I agree, all these above things are responsibilities and need attention, sit down and list out the priorities that are of primary importance. If you have even 30-60 minutes after you come back from work, “make” the time for yourself and practice yoga. It’s all about giving yourself some “me” time for your best benefits.

Lifestyle changes: Stop being a couch potato and get that butt up for an awesome workout. If you don’t chances are no one else will do it for you. Based on my own experience, skipping breakfast, eating at unusual timings will do you no good and are considered one of the most detrimental factors for your body. If you have been living your life off fast foods, then its time to alter your dietary lifestyle. Sleeping at odd timings can also lead to severe health problems. So keep your tablets, smartphones, computers out of your bedroom and hit the sack at the right time.

Change for the best: Many are afraid to make the change. They are stuck to a certain cliched method and afraid to make the switch. The result is they brood, crib about their negative life and no inspirational words or pushing will have a positive result because they themselves are not willing to change. Its always difficult to take the first step but you gotta start somewhere, why not with yoga for a confident transformation of you. I promise you won’t regret it…ever!!!

Outside limitations: Not two bodies are the same. Many people who are under medication need to restrict their yoga postures and cannot master all of them. This is a genuine factor as they will be putting themselves on a lot of pressure. It’s okay as long as you are doing your best by sticking to comfy postures that are nodded yes by your medical practitioner.

A good master: Another lesson bitterly learnt, I myself have gone through such bad experience. Not everyone who opens a yoga studio is a master in yogic field. The suryanamaskar were compromised of entirely different postures than the original one (i.e. practiced by the sages) and other postures that made no sense at all.

If you are planning to take yoga seriously, then better do your research and look for masters who genuinely motivate you towards a potent body.

Presumed postures: I have seen many are eager to jump at yoga with both feet but once initiated within a couple of weeks they have had enough, take it for granted and arrive with a bundle of excuses. One piece of advice – don’t start what you can’t finish.


If you are serious about yoga, then realise that it won’t come easy. You really need to set time and have to do hard work as many balancing postures are difficult and painful as well because your body have been rigid for so long and making it flexible is not a one day job. It takes good amount of practice to set things right and is a promise of a lifetime to keep you fit as a fiddle both emotionally, physically and mentally.