Yoga For Dancers

These yoga poses for dancers have found effective in beating stress and everything that disturbs your happy mood. I discovered yoga is much more than stretching. Early, I used to think there is no need for me to practice yoga. But after practicing these workouts, I am unable to express this in words. Flexibilty is an important quality needed for all the dancers. Yoga has the power to give you all these things. It makes one learn to control, behave with patience, focus, balance etc. Moreover, lowers anxiety and depression. What we face in our busy lives……….

Come, lets start yoga for dancers

Following are the yoga poses for dancers that help to beat stress and other health issues

Sun salutation (Suryanamaskar) yoga pose for dancers

Begin your day with these twelve set of exercises!!! This will promote you mental calmness and relief to the limbs.

The Pranamasana yoga pose for dancers

All you have to start from a little prayer of the Sun God to give energy while doing this. Chant these little mantras before starting each set of the twelve poses.

(Om Mitraya Namah, Om Ravaye Namah, Om Suryaya Namah, Om Bhanave Namah, Om Khagaya Namah, Om Poosne Namah, Om Hiranyagarbhaya Namah, Om Marichaya Namah, Om Adityaya Namah, Om Savitre Namah, Om Arkaya Namah, Om Bhaskaraya Namah).

The Hasta Uttasana yoga pose for dancers

We can call this a half-moon shaped asana. Here breathing is an important factor. Always take a slow deep breathe in for this asana. Start by bending backwards keeping your hands stretched overhead. Now, slowly breathe in on attaining this posture. Don’t try to over stretch, just bend according to your limit.

The Pada Hasthasana yoga pose for dancers

Pada=foot, Hasta=hand. Breathing out is important here. Start bending forward to touch the feet with your hands. But try not to over bend yourself down. In the beginning you may find this a bit complicated. But don’t worry!! practice, practice, practice and you will reach the goal. In the end, release your breathe on bending forward.

The Ashwa Sanchalasana yoga pose for dancers

Ashwa=horse. This posture will make you resemble like a reigned horse. You have to breathe in during this posture. Start from Paada Hastha asana, take your right leg backwards, placing the left leg as it is. Then, place both the hands on either side of your left leg and look up breathing in.

The Parvatasana yoga pose for dancers

Parvata=mountain. Here you have to take a form of a mountain. Begin from the Ashwa Sanchalana asana. Initially, take your left leg in the backward direction to join your right leg. After this step, raise up the central part of your body and form a mountain pose. Remember, breathing out is vital for this posture.

The Sashtanga Namaskara yoga pose for dancers

Ashta=eight, Anga=limbs. The asana we have to salute the Sun God using our eight limbs. From the Parvata asana, move down onto the ground. Where your feet, Knees, chest, stomach, palms, nose, chin and forehead (eight limbs) should touch the floor. Keep your mid-section lifted and ensure your bottom does not touch the ground. Breathe in while entering into this asana.

The Bhujangasana yoga pose for dancers

Bhujanga=snake. This asana looks like a snake when it is ready to hit. Start from the Ashta Anga Namaskara. Rest your legs onto the floor. Then lower down your mid-section. Lift your torso off the floor placing the hands flat on the floor. Breathe in while entering this posture.

The Ashwa Sanchalanasana yoga pose for dancers

Breathe in while entering Ashwa Sanchalanasana. Now we are returning back to the horse posture from the Parvata asana. But there’s a slight change here. You have to bring the right foot forward, leaving the left foot behind.

The Pada Hasthasana yoga pose for dancers

Start by making your left foot join with the right foot forward. Ensure you breathe out for this pose. Now leave your hands (where they are) and raise up to enter into the Paada Hastha asana.

The Hasta Uttasana yoga pose for dancers

Breathe in while entering this Hasta Uttasana. Raise your hands upwards, bend backwards and enter into Ardha chakra asana.

The Pranamasana yoga pose for dancers

Release your breathe and return to the Namaskara mudra.

With this you will complete one repetition of the Surya Namaskaras. Repeat this cycle for 12 more times to see the real difference.

Revolved Triangle (Parivrtta Trikonasana) yoga pose for dancers

This was little difficult for me. I just fell over when I was attempting for the first time. Relax!! I just shared my experience. But you don’t have to worry, all you have to practice and practice. The pose is called as beginner’s pose. One can easily workout at home in a simple way. Parivrtta has numerous benefits like: Providing balancing skills, raising blood circulation, strengthening legs, knee, ankles, thighs and calf muscles. Relief from minor joint related pain.

  • First, stand in the mountain pose. Then stretch your body as much as possible.
  • In the next step, exhale and place your feet (4-5 inches) apart from each other. Note: If you are a tall person (spread the legs about 6-8 inches apart).
  • Lift the arms upwards, where they be parallel to the ground. Make sure your hands must remain at a shoulder width, with palms facing downwards.
  • Then turn your left foot towards your right (in 45 degrees angle). Similarly, right foot in the right direction (in 90 degrees angle).
  • Next, align your right heel with the left one in a straight line. Now, slightly move your right thigh outwards and harden both your thighs. After this, you may exhale and direct your body towards the right side. Then extend your upper body from the waist.
  • Then bend downwards (lowering your upper body) to touch your left hand yo the right feet. Maintain the legs straight. Try not to bend them from the knees. Simultaneously, lift your right hand up in the air. Be sure, both the hands are in straight line and look upwards.
  • Stay in this pose from 30 seconds to 1 minute. Then slowly release. Practice these steps 10 times daily for better results.

Note: Don’t practice in case of back injury, low blood pressure, migraine, insomnia, Diarrhea, headache and knee injury or surgery.

Chair pose (Utkatasana) yoga poses for dancers

This is also a beginner pose. Which is simple and easy to perform. Chair pose has many benefits like: Offering good stretch to the hands, legs, hips, spine, upper and lower back. If you put this into regular practice, this can even reduce fat from your belly. It makes the body flexible by enhancing the balance level. I used to hate practicing this pose. But now if you ask me, which is your favorite pose? I would definitely say chair pose….

  • Start from Tadasana. Lengthen your hands up in the air and bring them down. After having a good stretch, lift your arms in a perpendicular line with the ground.
  • In this step, bring your hands in prayer position (anjali mudra). Try not to bend it from the elbows. Have a deep breathe. Inhale and exhale in a proper manner.
  • Then bend your knees slightly and try to bring it in a parallel line with the ground. But don’t give any kind of strain to the legs. Otherwise, this may end up in something else. Maintain your shoulders and spine stiff.
  • Hold this pose for 30 seconds and release. When you come out from this posture. Stand straight in Tadasana form. Then bring your hands down and release finally. Continue this asana 10 times daily.
  • If you are a beginner, try resting your body against the wall and support it on your feet. On attaining perfection, this can be practiced anywhere without any support of the wall.

Note: Avoid this workout during headache, pain in the lower back, shoulder pain. In case of any medical issues, consult your doctor before practicing. As they can help you to find a better solution for the problem.

Give a try to these anxiety calming foods, the best a man can get

  • Blue berries: This small succulent fruit is filled with nutrients. Hence, it is as called as the “World’s healthiest food”. They are rich in antioxidants. Thus, making it worth to relieve stress.
  • Dark chocolate: A derivative of cacao beans is a very popular food. It lowers the level of cortisol (stress hormone) which makes one anxious. Also there are certain compounds present inside this chocolate that can improve mood.
  • Almonds: This nut contains vitamin B12 and zinc. Which are vital to maintain a balanced mood.
  • Seaweed: Seaweed has high tryptophan and magnesium contents. Making it worth to beat the anxiety levels.
  • Whole grains: This grains contain tryptophan which raises the level of serotonin (mood stabilizer).
  • Maca root: Has higher levels of phytonutrients present within it. Also includes iron and magnesium that can control depression and anxiety.