Yoga for Beginners & Beyond (Yoga for Stress Relief)

Anxiety and stress problems worried about it? Uhhh that is something which has become so universal and I believe yoga for anxiety relief is the only viable option. I also presume that there is hardly a person left in this globe without any mental health issue.

There your phone is ringing and your boss is ready to vent his frustration into your ear drum that has already started resonating inside your mind without even hearing it. Seriously life has become so easy at the same time complicated with people becoming more difficult to be handled. Life has become so mechanical that all have a demanding voice and I guess a majority out there find it difficult to go with the flow of the world. You can have an anxiety problem or stress due to many reasons like confused and irritated partner, a knotty relationship, a nutty teacher or even the way you have grown up from your childhood. But get it straight there is nothing to be embarrassed about it and it is never late so get out seeking some help to make your life better.

If you really want to bring the real person hidden inside you into a healthy living regime then go gear up with a yoga mat and start afresh.

You know why I am so ardent about yoga for stress and anxiety? It is because it is the only practice that can help your mind without any medications and side effects to your body. Yoga will smoothly lower your bad cholesterol’s, stress hormones; heart rates and set your immune system to work optimally.

Yoga is best for all age groups from young school going kids to aged people. Yoga and the methods included in it will help to face failures, tensions, and other stressors easily so that you can get rid of anxiety and stress issues from the root. In fact I would recommend every parent to send their kids for yoga practice right from young age as it will help your kid to develop sound both mentally and physically.

Yoga is like a preventive tool that can help to fight stress and anxiety and keep your mental state in a perfect balance.

I remember after I had a miscarriage I went into a depressed state and was totally lost. I was scared at the fact of conceiving again only because I thought I would lose again. But all thanks to my hubby who enrolled me into a yoga club where I began to fight my stress and anxiety issues. It took some months until I started feeling the effects of meditation and relaxation methods that I was doing. I was all a new person and trust me my next pregnancy went so smooth and I had a healthy baby.

Yoga for anxiety relief and the simple truth that you should understand

There isn’t anything called as anxiety or stress or fear or anger; all these are created by us and we make ourselves believe that they exist for real and just indulge in that vicious web. Our body reacts how we want it to react or how we treat it so act steadily and just hit anxiety like you hit a mosquito while it bites you. Yoga is the only tool that can break the vicious web created by anxiety problems and break free your mind from such ailments. These three aspects in yoga can easily shift your noisy mind into a serene place filled with positive thoughts.

Yoga postures will help you to test your physical limits and help to relax better by managing stress and anxiety. It will help your body to become more flexible and improve blood circulation which will directly help to regulate the production of stress hormones. Some examples of yoga postures that can help to curb anxiety problems are cat pose, child pose, cobra pose and cow pose. To know more click here.

Breathing exercises can help your mind to become quiet and relaxed. It will also ensure proper oxygen supply to the whole body thereby creating a homeostasis within you. It will help to get rid of panic attacks and help people to cope with mental ailments.

Meditation is one of my favorite as it helps to make you aware of yourself. It will help you to live in the present moment and remove all negative thoughts from your mind. Yoga can help to reset your preoccupied mindset into a fresh one free of negative thoughts. I bet next time you wouldn’t think badly about a person without giving a second thought and that is the power of yoga.

So to sum up the benefits of yoga here it goes

  • Keeps stress nailed to your desk and helps you to work tension free
  • Improves your mental balance and sense of alertness.
  • Spikes good hormones and keeps bad hormones at bay.
  • Keeps your blood pressure at stable levels.
  • Helps to gain better sleep and that means more time for the body to repair and be stress free.

Conclusion: We all have a better person hidden inside so to remove the block and bring the real person out we need to work continuously by overcoming all those songstress and negative components out of our life. Nothing else can contribute better for the same motive than yoga can do.