Yoga for Beginners & Beyond (Yoga for Stress Relief)

Anxiety, fears and worries are common problems in every man. But the reasons for this could be different.  These days, people practice yoga poses to reduce anxiety. Like issues related to job performance, sleep oriented problems, poor relationships etc. There is no age group for worries to come across. We cannot call this something related to biological factor. Examination fears and stress are common among ages.

Students feel they are unable to concentrate on classes. At the time of examination they end up in late night studies. In the case of middle aged and older persons, the situation varies. Many people rely on anti-depressant tablets. Seek consultation from their doctors and fall prey to all kinds of drugs. Such medications are not for health. It becomes like, we are seeking cure for one problem and ends up in something else.

Think for a second, why can’t we practice yoga instead of switching on to medications. But who have the time to practice all these things in their busy schedule. In the early days there were no facilities of internet and online games. Kids used to play outdoor games and were happier and healthier. But today, they don’t have time to come out of their social networking stuffs and other things. There are many misconceptions about yoga as just a mere means of physical exercise. Yoga is a way to seek spiritual guidance in real terms. Practicing the poses helps us relieve from anxiety. One is able to seek “moksha”. Yoga has a vast spiritual background, continuing from more than thousand years. Lord Shiva is known as “adi yogi” in the yogic mythology. Yoga has got a solution for every problem. Even nowadays, healthcare centers are mainly focusing on yogic practices.

Yoga is an immense wealth with many cures for all types of disorders. There is no need to opt for any particular wears.

Different yoga poses to reduce anxiety – Yoga Poses For Anxiety Suppression


Also known as Child’s Pose helps to relieve stress in the neck, back and shoulders. This asana improves the level of breathing which gives beneficial aids to the nervous system.

 yoga poses to reduce anxiety

Involve both your hands and knees. Keep your leg hips at a distance. Make sure that your hands are placed under the arms. Now, exhale slowly by bringing the chest between the knees and swinging hands. Hold this position for about 2-3 minutes. Inhale slowly and rebound to the natural position. Repeat the same steps for 5-10 minutes.

Tree Pose (VRIKASANA) yoga poses to reduce anxiety

Help in gaining more concentration and awareness. Brings you more closer to concentrate on physical self.


Stand in an erect posture by rising up your both hands in air. Pass on the body weight slowly to the left leg. Breathe in deeply and bend your right knee. Hold the right ankle with the right hand and bring the right foot upwards. Now bring the sole of the right foot against the inner portion of the left thigh. Center the pelvis. Place both of your hands in the form of prayer in front of your chest. Hold the same position for 2-3 breaths and release slowly.

 yoga poses to reduce anxiety

Head Stand (Sirsasana) yoga poses to reduce anxiety

Sirsasana helps to overcome the depression through detoxification of our adrenals. The rate of RBC formation gets increased. It promotes calmness to the mind thus prevents from causing headaches and migraine.


Begin with your hands and knees holding the forearm shoulder –width apart. Now interlace the fingers, palms tightly in the form of a cup. Place the crown of your head on this cup. Slowly raise the legs upwards from the floor through pulling the toes towards the head. Now straighten the legs by properly balancing the position. Care should be taken of the spine and thighs being in straight line. Breathe slowly and deeply by closing the eyes. The final position of this asana is attained. Return to the normal position by lowering the knees and bringing them down to the floor.

Warrior III (Virabhadrasana III) yoga poses to reduce anxiety

This asana increases the rate of digestion. Boosts strength and maintains proper posture and promotes peace to mind.

 yoga poses to reduce anxiety

Place your right foot a foot lengths forward to around 90 degrees. Shift all your weight on this leg. Inhale the arms over the head and interlace the fingers. Exhale by lifting the left leg up and out. Stare on the floor for balance. Move out through the left toes and the crown and fingers forming one straight line. Take 2-6 breaths. To return to the normal position inhale the arms up to lower the leg back to the floor.

Legs Up The Wall Pose (Viparita Karani)

This pose is beneficial in lowering back pain, arthritis, high blood pressure and menstrual cramping etc. Can be performed anywhere a wall is present. It’s good to place a pillow under the lumbar spine to avoid the chances of any lower back pressure.


Start by sitting your left side against the wall. Now slowly swing the legs onto the wall and rest your shoulders and head on the floor. Ease forward until your buttocks touch the wall. Close your eyes and relax for 5-10 minutes. To release slowly slide your legs to the right side of your body.