Are you in search of a right yoga mat? Really, for many people shopping a yoga mat can be an overwhelming process. Alternatively, choosing among the various sizes, materials, thickness and sizes can feel like a hurricane of decisions to make. Further, read on to know more about Wai Lana yoga mat review to know more…

Yoga Mat

In fact, a yoga mat is a metaphor. It is a space where our mind can experience some relief from the stress laden, disorganized and unpredictable nature of daily life. There are many factors to consider while purchasing a yoga mat that includes:

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  • Material used
  • Thickness
  • Size
  • Stickiness
  • Texture
  • Sustainability
  • Price

Material – There are different types of materials used in yoga mat like PVC, foam, rubber, cotton and jute.

Thickness – One of the important factor to consider (while purchasing a mat). Since, if the mat is too thick, you will find it difficult to maintain the balance and hold a pose.

Size – A standard yoga mat is 24” x 68” but the length may sometimes vary. Some yoga mats are long as 84”.

Stickiness – This is another major factor. It measures that how well your skin sticks to the mat. This feature helps you to hold your pose and maintain a proper alignment.

Texture – A yoga mat’s texture helps you to maintain balance and proper alignment.

Wai Lana Yoga Mat

This Wai Lana yoga mat is specially designed to provide a safe and comfortable foundation for all kinds of yoga practice.

Wai Lana Yoga Mat – Features

This Wai Lana yoga mat is 68” long x 24” wide x 1/8” thick. This 1/8” thickness is a perfect mix of performance and portability. They are capable in providing the needed cushion to your knees. Equally, is light weight and thin enough to carry anywhere.

  • Offers great stability and support in the poses.
  • The sticky, non-slip surface provides superb traction.
  • It is latex free, lightweight and very easy to wash.
  • Similarly, cushions the knees, spine, ankles and elbows.
  • The mats are available in variety of beautiful colors.
  • Tested by an independent laboratory.

How To Care The Wai Lana Yoga Mat?

  • In order for optimal thickness, you may wash your mat before first-time use.
  • Equally, wash the mat with your hands in cool water (along with mild detergent).
  • Remember, do no twist it.
  • Roll the yoga mat in a thick towel to press out the excess water.
  • Hang the mat to air dry.

Wai Lana Yoga Mat Review

The Wai Lana yoga mat review mentions that the product is in great demand in the market. Since Wai Lana is a well-known yoga teacher with millions of followers worldwide. This mat is an ideal option for all kinds of fitness levels. They can provide the optimum comfort and safety that are needed during the exercise. Most of the users are happy with this mat and they have rated it with 5/5 stars. The users have exclaimed that Wai Lana yoga mat is great for individuals with sore or tender points.

Where To Buy This Wai Lana Yoga Mat?

The mat is available for sale at and at amazon. They are available at an affordable price. Besides, you can also avail many discount and promo offers on purchasing from their respective sites.

Wai Lana Yoga Mat – Discount, Coupon And Promo Offers

Wailana offers 30% off on all the orders, free shipping on orders over $35, free shipping on all the orders over $50. Equally, you may also log in with your particular email address for all the latest deals and offers.

Wai Lana Yoga Mat – Frequently Asked Questions

What is the phone number of

The contact number is 1-800-228-5145.

What is the return policy of this website?

Wai Lana offers 30-days return policy on all her products. All you have to log in to My account. Then view the order using the complete orders link. Finally, click the return item button.

I have some doubts and queries regarding the product. Where should I contact?

For all your doubts and queries you may email at