Bob Harper: Yoga for the Warrior

The one hour session of Bob Harper Yoga DVD consists of intense sweating exercises wherein your whole body is worked up. It combines various traditional yoga poses like warrior poses, triangle poses, chaturanga, chair pose, downward dog, crescent, extended side angle etc. along with aerobic exercises.

Bob Harper’s Yoga DVD for the warrior

Are you a fitness lover? Then I would say you try the Bob Harper’s (fitness expert and yoga instructor) workout at home… Initially, I used to believe all his workouts are ridiculous, not easy to carry. But, seriously they are the best! He provides you everything starting from yoga to intense cardio. Further, check on the top selling features of the Bob Harper Yoga DVD and get ready to make your body sweat, grimace and shake…

Bob Harper warrior yoga contains rigorous exercises that will reward you, with an stunning and stronger physique and improved flexibility. This DVD is the part of the “Inside Out Method” Series by Bob. Only 45 minutes out of the 1440 minutes of your day and a mat is all that you require to perform this workout. The Yoga DVD incorporates two workout sessions. The first sessions lasts for one hour and the second session for 15 minutes. The trainer Bob Harper gives you proper explanation about each pose. Bob Harper is a Fitness expert and author. He has helped many famous celebrities to get into shape and perfect health.

Bob Harper Yoga DVD: Yoga for the Warrior – Series 1

The one hour session of Bob Harper Yoga DVD consists of intense sweating exercises wherein your whole body is worked up. It combines various traditional yoga poses like warrior poses, triangle poses, chaturanga, chair pose, downward dog, crescent, extended side angle etc. along with aerobic exercises. This duo (yoga and aerobic) will together work wonder on your body. Every part of your body is exercised and strengthened. After this one hour session you are surely going to feel mentally relaxed and cool and physically strong.

Bob Harper Yoga DVD: Yoga for the Warrior – Series 2

The Bob Harper Yoga DVD second session consists of more of cardio exercises than yoga. The exercises included in this session will help you to strengthen your abs. Crunches, core rotations, different planks and twists etc. are some of the few exercises included in this session. This 15 minutes will give you strong abs and a flat belly. The torso portion of your body gets more strength and flexibility and this will greatly help in reducing back and hips pain. The result of this session will be a strong and balanced core. There are no breaks in-between the exercises. So you are on your toes for these whole 15 minutes.

Bob Harper Yoga DVD

You can choose from the two sessions depending on your interests. Bob Harper has indeed done a wonderful job by fusing yoga and aerobic together into a powerful exercise routine that will strengthen your body and improve your mental health! The Bob Harper Yoga DVD was released in 2010 and the language used is English.

What are the benefits of performing Bob’s Yoga workout at home?

  • Helps in improving the metabolism levels.
  • It enhances endurance and strength.
  • Tones the muscles. For this, you need to look into Bob Harper Yoga abs online.
  • Equally improves breathing and posture.
  • Heightens flexibility and relaxation.

Bob Harper Yoga DVD Features

This Bob Harper’s yoga workouts are intense and good for both men and women. All his workouts are very stylised, explained with funky slow motion shots and occasional split screen bits. Therefore, it would be very easy to make everyone learn. Further, let us have a look at the Bob Harper Power Yoga DVD’s available online. Check them out and find what makes them unique (when compared to others)…

Pure Burn – Super Strength

You can also call this as Bob Harper Yoga for weight loss. This DVD contains a 25-minute beginner workout as it involves a lot of arm and leg workout, in a more classic fitness method. You will definitely love this hour-long workout as it can completely exhaust your entire body with the more challenging workouts. Sometimes it can target one muscle group at a time, like skull crushers for your triceps and crunches.

Bob Harper Yoga for the Warrior

This is a classic, long hour yoga routine for fitness. Here, Bob adds hand weights to heighten the challenge of the poses. Besides, you will come across the boot shaping moves and chair pose along with these warrior series 1 and 2. Equally, the DVD also offers 15-minute yoga abs workout. Just check into Bob Harper’s Yoga abs workout for more details.

Bob Harper Yoga for Cardio conditioning

This DVD includes 25-minute quick-paced cardio workouts that mainly target the trouble zones. Overall, it involves 60 minutes of constant motioning, including the strength training moves with cardio. There are lots of swinging dumbbells, classic sumo squat, jumping squats, deadlifts, burpees and much more. However, this long hour workout is quite tough and challenging when you practice them initially.

Bob’s workout

Bob’s workout is a wonderful all body heart pumping circuit workout. In this, the video is broken up into two half-hour segments. The first one focuses on the upper body strength training and the second one on the lower body. Bob targets the core in each pose, including a variety of plank moves and full body exercises. Besides, this workout schedule involves many level changes starting from standing to the ground moves. Overall, it is a lovely video that can be watched repeatedly.

Bob Harper’s skinny rules yoga DVD

This is another Bob Harper Yoga DVD for weight loss. This “skinny rules” comes with a five DVD workout series – specially made to help you lose weight and build strength. All the workouts added in these DVD’s are perfect for the beginners as well as the athletes. A magic formula that can easily provide you the energy and body (you have always wished for).

Bob Harper Yoga DVD reviews

So far, there are excellent reviews stated for the Bob Harper Yoga DVDs. Users who have been through these videos are saying – It is a fantastic piece of the fitness routine that anyone can be practise. Further, listed below are few honest customer testimonials for your reference. Do have a look at them…

Customer Reviews – Bob Harper Yoga DVD
1: “Excellent yoga workouts.”

2: “Bob Harper is my all time favourite yoga DVD.”

3: “I was keen on practicing yoga and recently I started a home yoga practice. Therefore, I got several DVD’s and Bob Harper worked well for me. I love it as it is good at doing many poses. Equally, it helps me balance my flexibility and overall posture. Overall, it’s good and is very helpful for the beginners…”

Where to buy? – Bob Harper Yoga DVD Amazon

You can buy all the DVDs at the Amazon bestseller. All the videos help in heightening your strength and flexibility needed to fit into any schedule. So, it’s not hard to purchase the Bob Harper’s Yoga series. One can get them at a cheap, reasonable price with many discounts, coupon, and promo deals. Visit the site immediately!


In conclusion, this Bob Harper Yoga DVD’s are great if you really have a hard time pushing yourself when working out on your own. So, what are you waiting for? Order this regular fitness routine at the earliest…