Flat Tummy Yoga

People are obsessed with anything that is related to something-pack abs. Then they have to satisfy with a flat tummy and happy to get rid of those flabby love handles. There is no need to spend hours at gym to attain the same. This simple poses of yoga for flat tummy are enough to make you look younger. It takes just about 13 minutes to complete the sequence. Repeat the same for a few days or weeks to admire your fab flat abs.

  • Standing forward bend yoga for a flat tummy: Standing with the feet next to each other, bend the body to bring the hands down to touch the feet or floor. Expert yogis can even bring the hands down under the feet. Stay, whichever is attainable for a few breaths and repeat the same for a5-10 times.
  • Upward facing dog yoga for a flat tummy: In upward facing dog pose, stretch the feet backwards and lifting the body up with the support of the hands on the floor. Stretch maximum to give strength to the abs.
  • Down dog: Moving on to downward dog make your body into an inverted V with the tummy tightly tucked inside. Spend at least 5 breaths in this position.
  • Warrior 1 yoga pose for a flat tummy: From all four, forward one leg with the legs straight up together and stretch maximum to attain the warrior pose 1. Give your pressure on the extended leg and face upwards. The count here is 5 breaths.
  • Warrior 2 yoga sequence for a flat tummy: Keep the legs the same and bring the hands down, one forward and the other backward and turn the body towards one side. Once again stay thus for 5 breaths at least.
  • Extended side angle yoga for a flat tummy: Staying thus bring the forward facing hand down next to the extended feet and the other hand upwards and bend the body sideways. This is also called the extended side angle pose. Stay in this pose for a good 5-10 breath.
  • Sage pose yoga for a flat tummy is staying on one hand and feet of the same side and extending the other leg and hand upward. Let the extended hand hold the leg, facing upwards. 5 is the count here.
  • Sage tree yoga for a flat tummy: From the sage pose bend the extended leg and rest the feet on the other thigh. Hand stays the same and you will be facing upwards. Both the sage variety poses, keep the strength on to the core of the body and balance well.
  • Balancing star yoga for a flat tummy: Next you will just extended bend leg upward and hold it for 5 breaths.
  • Clasped locust yoga for a flat tummy would be a rest for the body after the balancing act. Lie down on the tummy and clasp the palms together at your back and lift the feet up stretching maximum.
  • Extended locust yoga for a flat tummy: Here the hands are unclasped and extended forward with the hands parallel to the shoulders.
  • Locust yoga for a flat tummy: After 5 breaths, bring the hands down to rest on either side of the body and keep the palms down. Legs stay the same as the other locust poses. Remember to keep the head ahead.
  • Chest opening bow yoga for a flat tummy: Now bend both the legs upwards and hold the ankle with the hands to make a bow like figure. Hold the pose for full 5 breaths.
  • Boat pose of yoga for a flat tummy is the final relaxing pose of this sequence. Sit down on the floor. Hold the feet together and lift it up and balance with extended hands but not touching the legs. Tuck in the tummy and core. Hold for 5 breaths, the least.

Many of these yoga poses may be repeated a few times, if you can, for best results. Never hurry with the poses to finish it off. Hold as much as possible, the count of 5 breaths is just a reference. Over exerting is also not good.