Yoga Conditioning for Weight Loss

Going to gym has become a form of fashion nowadays. People love to waste thousands of money for getting a membership in expensive gyms. But they are not trying to know the importance of a valuable gem called yoga. Yoga is a significant way to lose weight which offers good health.

Yoga! Yoga! Yoga! I mean what’s the buzz and fuzz about it. Certainly it has taken the international stage and conquered the hearts of millions of people around the world. I have heard people saying that once a person gets addicted with yoga then it is really difficult to get rid of that habit.
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Okay so why get rid of a habit that gives good health and a relaxed mind. I was a person who used to criticize each and every thing that came on my way and I hardly did any workouts whether it is gym or even a small brisk walk. Not to mention I was overweight and simply made fun of people who used to run miles to stay healthy. I never peeked deep into my body or mind but just kept pretending as if everything was fine with me. I wasn’t able to wear a normal dress as nothing would fit me or even run like others because I would succumb to my laziness very easily or I felt feel shy enough that I wouldn’t even step out of my house. All these changed with just one pregnancy where I ran from a size zero to a big zero. Yeah a really big zero stomach really really big. The baby was already 4 years by then but my baby weight and additional pounds that I gained were sticking with me as a pregnancy reminder.

My husband used to support me always and stood by my side encouraging me to step out and deal with the matter. Later he pressed so much that I need to lose weight for the better and hired a private yoga trainer for me. I was hesitant and never knew whether things would work for me or not.

Okay so what happened is I steadily started losing weight and had half of my problems had gone. I had a severe back pain that lasted all these years after my pregnancy but after a few yoga sessions I had got rid of it completely. Wow that was really a magical moment for me because all women out there know how terrific a post pregnancy back pain can be. Well as an additional bonus my waist line got trimmed down to the core and I shifted my size from a 3XL to XL in matter of 14 months to be precise.

Yoga even changed my attitude towards life as i started being more open to things and people around me. I guess became a better human being from outside and inside after fitting into the yoga schedule. I no longer practice with my trainer but I help others around me to practice yoga and attain better health.

So for those women who want to get a pretty trim waistline here are a few postures that can help a lot and I am not explaining things as it is but in my own way and how I felt about these postures.

  • Pranayama Yoga For A Sexy Waist: it is a breathing exercise that helps to take fresh air in and out in rhythms that will help our heart to do its work properly. When our body is supplied with fresh oxygen then it means our metabolic rate will be set on track, cells will get energized to do their work and happy blood circulation. So the end results being a glowing face, more of the fats being burnt for energy and removal of toxins.
  • Side bending poses Yoga For A Smaller Waist: there are a series of postures that come under this category and all aim at strengthening your rib cage and upper body. As an added advantage you can get those sexy curves very easily than any other poses can offer. Crescent moon pose, temple pose and garland pose are examples which I love to do the most. If you want to know more about these visit her side body attraction.
  • Suryanamaskar or sunsaluation Yoga For A Sexy Waist: this is the best and one of the power asana mentioned in the yoga. I tell you by doing a few sets of this asana daily morning is more than enough to burn as much as calories you need to get a toned and slim body. You will never know how you are losing weight while doing this posture. This posture requires enough stamina and energy to complete one round so don’t get sad if you couldn’t go beyond one set at the beginning. You can increase the count slowly with each passing day only to find your health at a perfect pace and a sexy number on your weighing machine.
  • Cow face pose Yoga For A Smaller size Waist: another favorite pose of mine which I recommend a lot for others as it helps to stretch the ankle, shoulders, chest, hip and hands thoroughly. It helps to lose body fat around the tummy areas and just below your arms at the back. It is also a great remedy for those battling with diabetes as it helps to regulate blood sugar levels and also helps to ease off sexual ailments.
  • Thunderbolt Yoga pose For A Sexy Looking Waist: this pose is also a great asana as the coolest part about this is you can do this as soon as after taking a meal. Seriously you don’t have to wait for long hours after your meal to do this. This posture helps to improve the digestive system and increases the metabolic rate to burn fats and absorbs essential elements into the body. It also strengthens the knee cap and supplies ample blood to the digestive tract to flush out all toxins from the body. Practicing this posture can give you superb curves on both side of your tummy.

These are the poses which I really enjoy doing and they are a great step towards attaining a sexy slim waistline. By practicing these postures without fail I guarantee that you will surely fit into a smaller size fit of your choice of dress.

Conclusion: If you want to flaunt your curves and wear really tight clothes without your tummy fat protruding out then go and gear up with a yoga mat. Hurry up.