Prenatal Yoga

It is a very sensitive time for a growing mother but we can still control our emotions by deriving the fruits of yoga. The famous yoga instructor Shiva Rea brings you Prenatal yoga DVD for supporting the changes a woman goes through during pregnancy.

Prenatal Yoga can be beneficial for the expecting mothers. The subtle movements are safe for the baby and relax the mother’s muscles and increase the blood circulation. Regular yoga movements may be tougher this time and prenatal movements is just what you need.

Shiva Rhea’s Prenatal DVD includes all the gentle workouts but yet not allow uterus compression. The first section of the DVD deals with meditation and breathing exercises. The standing positions concentrate on hips, balancing and upper body twists. The floor workouts are more of plank positions to strengthen the upper body.

Prenatal Yoga DVD

There are many dos and don’ts during pregnancy workouts. That’s why the Prenatal Yoga is important. It clearly show what to do and that are not in the DVD is something that you should not do. Each trimester is of individual nature and so must the workouts. The workouts that must be included are hip openers, side stretches, all fours like cats or dogs position, standing poses with widened stance etc. These exercises strengthen the muscles and make them more flexible and improve stamina. After the workout you may feel relaxed and satisfied. The instructions sections shows light into many modifications that you may adopt to make the working out comfortable since it may vary from person to person.

The workouts are divided into three sections, the seated, standing and floor positions. It is much easier to work on since by the time it reaches the floor positions many will be tired and are able to relax. The workouts give special importance to the muscles that are needed in childbirth and tones and flex them. So at the time of labor there will be lesser pain. The breathing exercises calms the nerves and reduces stress and


anxiety and the mind will be calm during labor. It also burns some calories and helps keep the body in shape and fit. So that later it would be easy to lose the post pregnancy weight. Each trimester requires specific movements so that it doesn’t upset the body and muscles and don’t harm the baby in anyway. The movements will be gentle but yet effective and targeted. Care must be taken never to over stretch or twist too much. Jumping is a no-no and so are inversions. Breathing should be slow and it is better to avoid back bending. Though it may be tougher as the pregnancy goes but worth the effort when you have a safer and less painful labor.