Yoga for Computer Users: Healthy Necks, Shoulders, Wrists

Yoga is a practice of our mind and body. Yoga has many forms and styles. The practice of yoga can heal RSI in the wrists through the alignment of the upper body. This will offer better support and movements of the wrists, elbows and hands.

Yoga is health improving and will keep you fit. But it could also cause unnecessary injuries to the wrist. Avoid wrist pain in yoga with these simple points.

Most of the yoga poses requires the use of wrist and balancing the body weight partially or completely on it. This pressure can cause injuries. What can you can do prevent such situations? Or god forbid, if something like that happened, what should be done to reduce the pain? Here are some simple facts and tips.

The palm rules will save the wrist

There are rules or some points that should be followed properly while doing the yoga poses. While using the wrist and palm to balance the body following these rules could avoid injury and pain. Starting with the dos,

  • Finger tips: Always keep the palm flat on the floor or the yoga mat with the pressure exerting on the finger ends as well as the bone right under each finger, including the thumb.
  • Palm centre: Use the centre of the palm, which would be concaved, like a suction and fix the palm to the floor with the help of this part. Use pressure here while you push yourself up.
  • Base of palm: Use the base of palm or the root of wrist only as additional balance. The pressure should be always off the base of the palm.

Do know that the area between the thumb and the forefinger is delicate and prone to injury easily. Do not put pressure on the base of the palm as it causes damage to this area between the thumb and forefinger. Wrist is delicate and cannot support the whole weight of the body. With proper balance it can also be used as the powerful support for the body. I wish I had known these rules when I started yoga a little while back.

Major points to remember while doing yoga – Avoid wrist pain in yoga

Before you begin with your yoga session, make sure you follow these points so that you can avoid wrist pain in yoga.

  • Stretch and be flexible: Yoga requires plenty of stretches. These poses are easy only when the body is flexible. It would not happen overnight. Whatever you do, NEVER use a non-flexed body to do the complicated poses or the poses that requires the body balancing on the wrist. The sun salutations are the best way to make the body flexible. Those who are doing yoga without instructors should follow the sun salutations as the beginner’s class. Do the next set of poses only if you are confident enough that the body can do.
  • Avoid straining poses: Never exert the body to do something that is straining. Forcing the body to the poses will not help. Always take the support of the legs to share the body weight when needed. Prolonging these kinds of poses is also disastrous. Repeating the body balancing poses too much could equal damage the wrist.
  • Balance the weight properly, that’s the key. As mentioned above, use the key points of the palm and fingers to get the right balance. Avoid all those sensitive points. Balance so that the weight is equally distributed to the legs or knees as well. Do not go for back to back poses that needs the use of wrist. Instead, sequence the poses so that the wrist gets some rest in between.
  • Use props: Make full of props. There are no rules that you should not props in yoga or for each pose. If you need a support, use the props, especially when the body weight is on wrist. Give the support for the shin area or at the knees or wherever it needs. All it needs is stretching of the body.
  • You are free to modify: The most interesting fact about yoga is that there is always room for improvement. You can modify the poses as you think it fits. If you find one pose is too much strain on the body, take it low. You can always do the pose while sitting. There are various poses for each purpose in yoga. Choose the one that is comfortable.
  • The mind body balance: Yoga is a game of mind and body balance. It requires more concentration. If you have noticed, that you cannot stand on one leg with the eyes closed, it tells you that you need your eyes for better balance. Keep your focus while doing those real balancing act. This will avoid many kinds of injuries not just of the wrist. After all yoga is to relieve the mind from the stressful situations around.

Alignment is crucial in yoga for health as well as to avoid wrist injuries in yoga. If a poses requires you to align the shoulders with the knees, do so before you balance the weight. While balancing stick to the palm rules and exert pressure with the knuckles and not the base of the palm.

Try these wrist strengthening exercises and avoid wrist pain in yoga

The wrists need some strengthening to avoid such painful situations. A flexible wrist would be hard to break. There are some simple exercises with wrist that strengthens the muscles and ligaments there and is equally fun to do. It can be done anytime, even when you are bored to death.

  • Wrist curling: Make a fist and curl the wrist upwards and then downwards. That’s it. It can be done with empty hands or with weight. It’s better to start with empty hands and if you want some weight with it, start low and then can increase it gradually up to what you can tolerate. When using weight to curl the wrists, increase the weight not before you have used it for a week and got used to it for another week. I am telling you because I made the mistake of sticking with the weight just for a few days before increasing it and I injured myself. I am not sure about any science behind it but my experience tells you to stay a while longer with the weights.
  • Towel wringing: Yes, take a hand towel and twist it as if you are wringing the excess water out of it. As with the case of weights, start slow with less pressure and increase it gradually and release. Repeat the same for 5 in the beginning increase to 10 and to as many as you want.
  • Ball squeezing: Squeeze balls are popular and is available almost anywhere. Use these balls and squeeze and release the pressure constantly. There are no limits with it. It will improve the flexibility of all the muscles in and around the palm.

Wrist injury is something that could happen anytime with yoga and is unavoidable. In case there is injury, stay away from the weight balancing poses for a long while until you are sure that the wrist could take now. Before restarting those poses, practice these wrist exercises to flex the muscles well.