2,100 Asanas: The Complete Yoga Poses

Yoga is inevitably one of the key strategies one can adopt to stay fit and trim. I personally vouch for yoga as I have seen considerable change in myself from the time I have been practicing it.

At the end of my bachelors program I weighed around 198 lbs and I tried every bit of dieting programs but all ended up in vain. Hefty weight on one side and other ailments that kept creeping up day by day like leg pain due to excessive weight, shortness of breath while walking a few steps. Gosh I seriously felt like jumping off a cliff. Days passed with totally no change and then I joined my masters program where there was a compulsory yoga session on a daily basis prior to the classes.

I wasn’t keen on yoga sessions and just wanted to skip that but somehow I started attending it daily and dint feel any change for the first few months or I would say I never paid any attention. After a few months I causally checked my weight and I was like dumbstruck… Seriously I had lost around 7 pounds with totally nothing and just that yoga stuff. Moreover my college was kind of a naturopathy center where junk food is never allowed and I guess things just worked in my favor without me trying much.

Trust me I dint get any instant results like all those who claim over the net … but I did reach around 135 pounds at the end of 2 years. When I finished my masters I was a new human being with a vibrant health and I almost got rid of my allergies that had been with me since childhood. I am no expert but I can tell with guarantee that yoga can do wonders if taken seriously.

I still practice yoga daily morning after 10 years up the lane wherever I go and I never forget to practice these 5 energizing yoga postures even if I skip the rest. So here are the five poses that can help you to live the life you have always wanted.

  • Balasana energizing yoga postures: This is also called as Childs pose and is one of my favorite. By practicing this pose you can relive tension from your muscles and spinal cord. It also helps to get relief from back pain, solves digestive issues and improves blood circulation. Want to get rid of unwanted tummy fat then this is the best pose you can go for. Click here to know how to do this pose.
  • Kapalbhati Pranayama energizing yoga posture: This breathing technique particularly helps to achieve a toned body and a slim waistline. For those who constantly feel tired and fatigued this is the pose you must practice to rejuvenate your body and in elderly it will help to prevent aging of the skin. For ladies out there this pose can provide you a glowing face better than a face pack. How to do it?
  • Bidalasana energizing yoga postures: This asana also known as cat/cow pose helps to strengthen the core muscles in our back and the pelvic area. It also helps to get rid of muscle strain and improves blood circulation to the whole body. This pose helps to build strength and stamina from within. Click here to know how to do this pose.
  • Downward Dog energizing yoga postures: Adho Mukha Savasana helps to strengthen the back and stretches to shoulder and neck. Those who sit for long hours in the name of work can benefit from this pose. It also helps to prevent anxiety problems and calms the mind. I repeat this pose during my exams as I feel energized and relaxed. Click to know how to do this pose.
  • Triangle energizing yoga postures: This is also called as Trikonasana and it helps to develop balance/ concentration power. It is good for students and athletes who wish to tame their mind. It also helps to increase the metabolic rate and burns stubborn fats better than any workouts. It helps to manage stress and sorts out bowel issues. Click here to know more.

So I have shared my secret recipe for having a great health and trust me it really works. You can do these five postures early morning in an empty stomach or whenever you get time provided that you shouldn’t eat 4 hours prior to your practice .