Element: Hatha & Flow Yoga for Beginners

The two programs of the Hatha & Flow Yoga for Beginners – Yoga DVD can be for two sessions of workouts for morning and evening. It is also suitable for a back to back workout session at a time. The movements complement each other and the flow session can be really a continuation from where the Hatha yoga session ended.

Yoga is the perfect harmony of the mind, body, and breath through simple breathing exercises, postures, and meditation. Pranayama is the terminology used for breathing exercises and these when done in the proper way can cure various ailments and refresh the brain and increase blood flow. Hatha Yoga is the practice of physical exercises along with Pranayama.

The slow paced exercises make it ideal for the beginners. The word Ha-Tha means sun and moon. The principle behind Hatha is to unite the opposites- positive and negative, the sun and the moon- together. These exercises relieve stress and relax the mind and body. Yoga must be practiced only under the guidance of an instructor. Yoga DVDs that are made for beginners are useful when there are no instructors available. The top most popular Hatha Yoga DVDs  are,

Element Hatha & Slow Yoga for Beginners

This is highly recommended for the beginners and is especially made for them. Easy to follow instructions by registered yoga teacher Tamal Dodge. The users say that the meditation practices are a great asset for daily stress relief and muscle relaxation. This DVD contains two programs, one slow program that instructs slow posture exercises that need a strap. These are beneficial for tight or stiff back and ease those muscles. The guidance is slow pace to suit the beginners to follow and be comfortable. The flow program is harder that the other and helps build up stamina and strength. This can be used even after a cardio for a deep stretch. These exercises will leave you feel great.

The Power of Hatha Yoga

The power of Hatha Yoga has got 3 series for targeted audience. They are beginners, curative and ultimate series. The beginner series include 20 posture exercises and are helpful to improve respiratory, circulatory, digestive and nervous systems. All the postures are accessible for beginners though some feel that it lacks some versatility but the content overshadows any flaw it has.

The curative series is a holistic approach for recovering mind and body. The various breathing exercises, sun salutations, and meditation increase flow through the spine, while giving special emphasis to breathing. It relieves lower back pain. The exercises are for a 30 minutes routine. The teacher if found sincere with the invocations but the feedbacks show that the voice is not able to carry out of the music.

The Ultimate series is for advanced students for 90 minutes. This helps improve concentration, strength, and flexibility. The fish posture and shoulder stand postures makes it different. The first 40 minutes are for standing postures and the rest is dedicated to the floor postures. Since it is targeted for advanced students there are no menus or chapters.

Hatha Yoga on the Forgotten Coast


This is designated for the advanced students to workout at home with self help methods and mediation techniques. The DVD is for 180 minutes workout. The yoga instructions are set in an ambient music of waves hitting the shores. Each posture is explained with reasoning and which muscles are moved etc. It also light into some Brain Gym exercises. It also explains about self helping like hydrotherapy for arthritis and some meditation for relaxing. Difference is found after just three sessions. It is an excellent yoga DVD that is informative as well as energizing. Since the instructor has a professional background being a massage therapist and as a dancer, her knowledge about the body muscles and how each muscle is worked with every move is incredible. The skill touches the heart and soul of the students and is also fun.