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The yoga mainly focuses on one point – energy. The meaning of Dahn in Korean is “life force” which is undoubtedly energy.

Dahn Yoga is a physical exercise and was founded by Ilchi Lee. In his book, Dahn Yoga Basics, Ilchi Lee developed several mind and boy training exercises which prove beneficial to people suffering from many ailments.

Ilchi Lee, the pioneer of Dahn Yoga is a fusion of martial arts, yoga and tai chi. In his book, Dahn Yoga Basics, Ilchi Lee explains how theYoga is divided into three attributes such as “mastery and use of energy”, “enhancing the body-brain connection” and “self-managed holistic health care”.

The yoga mainly focuses on one point – energy. The meaning of Dahn in Korean is “life force” which is undoubtedly energy. The book features detailed explanation of Dahn Yoga which is a combination of meditation techniques combined with stretching and breathing. Dahn Yoga Basics clearly explains how the human body works thus encouraging you to give it a try. The postures and meditation aid you in increasing your metabolism, soothing your senses, relieving your senses etc.

From the initial stages of Yoga poses, importance was given to the brain. Dahn yoga is all about improvising yourself. Brain training includes silencing your mind, sharpening your focus and discovering the hidden potential that lies in your brain. Unlike other yoga postures which primarily aim to develop bodily postures, this yoga develops the mind – brain combination more. Hence, it can be done by people of all ages.

As you adapt to this new energy, you become naturally aware of your senses and start applying these energy which leads to positive changes in your daily lives such as eating healthy or avoiding bad habits such as smoking or alcohol.

Dahn Yoga Basics book is available in two formats, kindle ($9.99) and paperback ($12.78) in amazon. In case, you find this book unsatisfactory, you are liable to return them within 30 days from the date of purchase. Many Yoga DVDs related to Dahn Yoga are available in amazon.

A general consensus reported that the book proves to be quite useful for people as the benefits of postures are elaborated clearly with good images. Part one of Dahn BAsics gives you an overview about the exercise system and its benefits. Part two of the book provides principles that are involved in this Yoga and the last part covers the exercises in the this yoga which includes Jung-Choong breathing, Dahn Mu Do (martial art postures) and meditation.

Dahn Yoga

The last word: Reading this book alone will help but only to a certain extent. For desired results, it is always good to undergo training with the Dahn Yoga institute.