Dahn Yoga Basics
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I love doing Yoga! Generally, when someone says about yoga, I think about the hard stretches, unachievable postures including tranquil breathing techniques. But, Dahn Yoga is entirely different as it involves simple stretching and meditation exercises. Overall, it’s quite easy and you need not become a hard-core yogi to feel successful…

Dahn Yoga – What is it & what are its benefits?

This Dahn yoga is a Korean system of yoga founded by Ilchi Lee, which is practiced by millions of yoga centers and schools all around the world. It’s very easy to learn as it involves light stretching, postures and meditation.

Dahn Yoga benefits

Dahn yoga integrates the principles of Korean Oriental Medicine and mainly focuses on increasing the core strength of your body.

Equally, works great at improving your physical, mental and spiritual health.

  • Lowers depression and anxiety troubles.
  • Develops self-efficiency.
  • Helps you lose weight effectively.
  • Relieves insomnia.
  • Promotes blood circulation.
  • Improves your memory levels.

Also, helps you gain control over your emotions.

List of the best Dahn Yoga exercises

Read on these Dahn Yoga basics to know more…

Warming up

This is an important step in Dahn Yoga, which includes some tapping, abdominal exercises and stretches. All these help at releasing tension from your body and prepare you well for the workout.

Basic exercises

After warming up. Now, it’s time that you start with some basic exercises like stretching, joint rotation, and twisting. These methods can enhance your blood circulation and improve your body weight.

  • First, stand erect keeping your back straight. Then keep your shoulder width apart and leave your arms swinging loosely at your sides.
  • In this step, relax your body. Bounce from your knees and feel the rhythm in your entire body. Stay tuned in this pose for some time.
  • Next, raise your hands and reach up to your head and tap the top of it softly with your fingertips.
  • Then, tap the back of your head, forehead, crown of the head, forehead and the entire face.
  • Now move on to your arms and shoulders. Tap on both the right and left side and do it on the stomach, chest, knees, thighs, calf muscles and ankles.
  • After this, inhale and exhale deeply and keep on practicing them for around 5 minutes. This will enhance the blood flow in your body.


Well, breathing is an important aspect of Dahn Yoga. It helps you deal with anxiety and soothes your mind and body. At the same time, it’s a natural way to heal from various disorders.

  • Initially, breathe in deeply, then pause and breathe out deeply.
  • During this process, you must feel the air filling your lungs and emptying it (while you inhale and exhale).
  • You can also go to pranayama.


Meditation has many interesting benefits as it makes individual feel calmer and happier in life. Just sit down, close your eyes, keep on breathing and observe your breathing. Don’t react to your thoughts and let them keep on flowing till calmness embraces you.

Cool off

After meditation, it is important you cool down. For this, you need to undergo some stretching exercises (Bhujangasana or Cobra poses). This will provide an overall wellness and help you deal with common health troubles.

  • Keep your palms near your chest and your feet together.
  • Next, raise your head, neck, and torso off the floor by uplifting your arms, keeping the pressure in your palms.
  • After this, straighten your shoulders and push your head back.
  • Remain in this pose for 10 to 15 seconds and relax.

Off Time

This session gives you free time to socialize with your companions and other practitioners. It gives plenty of time to have a good conversation with the instructors and know everyone in your class. The technique is mostly practiced in East Asia.

Tai Chi

It is one of the popular aspects of Dahn Yoga. Here, you will come across the martial art designed for self-defense. But there are several health benefits associated, as it works well for the overall wellbeing and spirituality. Besides, practicing this technique can also boost the strength of your body.

Power Yoga

Dahn yoga practice involves Korean style power yoga that rejuvenates your body giving more energy. You can go for poses like Paad Paschimottanasana.

  • For Paschimottanasana you need to sit straight on the ground, stretching out your legs in front.
  • Keep both your legs together.
  • Now, in this step, breathe in and bend your torso in the direction of your thighs and reach your fingers to your toes.
  • Stay in this pose for few seconds and then release.

Dahn Yoga DVD’s

You can check for these poses in the Dahn Yoga DVD for beginners, giving easy to follow, step by step info on these Dahn Yoga exercises. They are available for sale at a cheaper price tag with many discount deals. Check with sites like Amazon for more related info…

Dahn Yoga DVD reviews

Overall, there are 4 stars out of 5 rated for these Dahn Yoga DVD. Most of them are saying, the beginner’s videos are excellent, giving detailed info on every major aspect. Further, look into the reviews for more better understanding.

  • “Quite easy to follow! Good for the mind, body, and soul. I got everything that I was looking for the past few years.”
  • “For me, the Dahn practice was simple and profound.”
  • “Worth the paid money. Everything is explained in a deep, timely manner.”
  • “Five stars. Loved the teaching methodology.”
  • “Very helpful!”


In conclusion, Dahn Yoga has become a worldwide phenomenon, spreading its wings to different areas, all over the world. It helps at promoting mental health and spirituality. So, try this holistic approach and see how it works for you…