Guided Meditation and Mindfulness Bundle

Wild Divine is a well functioned and specialized program which helps you to leave the stress at the doorstep, perform well in your lives and not let any of the anxiety make an impact on your lives.

In this age of materialistic living and related stresses that nearly made us machines who are working for a goal that is not even understood by us finding balance between our material self and spiritual self is very important to a make you feel alive. Wild divine is a fine blend of modern technologies and the age old wisdom of meditation shaped to give our new age generation an understanding of peace of mind.

Wild divine is a method of meditation using interactive hardware and software which helps in creating an easy pathway into this generations’ mind. Wild divine aims at creating a pathway for you find the connection between your mind and body; it also helps an individual find a balance in his life by helping them to clear their minds. Wild divine includes many packages which include diverse meditation techniques which includes hardware, software and accessories like chimes, audiobooks and songs.

Wild Divine includes Zen techniques of meditation and also includes famous writer Deepak Chopra’s ‘Secrets of meditation’. The service is provided in the form of individual programs and product bundles which contains a scientific mixture of materials for learning the art of meditation. The hardware used by Wild Divine is iom biofeedback system which measures your physiological fluctuation when learning these meditation techniques. This helps us to know your reaction to each lesson of meditation.

One of the highlighting features of the services of Wild Divine is the music influenced learning system which includes rhythms and songs which have a positive impact on the mind of the listener. The music of Wild Divine includes healing rhythms which is tuned to give the listeners a sense of peace and concentration. It also includes songs which is included to boost up your confidence and to give you a feeling of absolute peace and harmony which subsequently has a psychological effect on your mind which helps you to relax and build up your confidence. It provides chimes which is also a part of creating that spiritual atmosphere by its beautiful sound and vibrations.


To conclude meditation is a necessity in this world so as to make people realize the true meaning of living and the meaning of harmonic existence. Wild divine also helps people who are mentally troubled by all the stresses and frustrations of this fast paced world. For a world facing many global natural threats the hope rests on the mindset of the people and their understanding of nature and harmonic co-existence.