Guided Meditation and Mindfulness Bundle

Wild Divine is a well functioned and specialized program which helps you to leave the stress at the doorstep, perform well in your lives and not let any of the anxiety make an impact on your lives.

Journey to Wild Divine: The Passage from Wild Divine

Wild divine is now Unyte as it has been acquired by a company called Unyte Health Inc. Hence, the name change. Adventures are fascinating and everyone would love to be part of at least one adventure in their life. Peace of mind and relaxed soul is everybody’s dream. Wild Divine offers The Passage, an adventure for which you don’t need to go anywhere.

You can just sit at home or office and experience the mind going on a roll. The Passage from Wild Divine is biofeedback equipment that can be connected to the computer and helps improve the concentration and relaxes the mind. It is more like a teaching game than just guidance. Each game is unique and as you go more experienced with them there are many levels to move on.

The Passage simply is a medium to practice different techniques in breathing and mediation. Breathing exercises include an ancient yogic technique named ‘Heart Breath’. This technique helps in tackling extreme stressful situation and many more. It also controls the many responses by our body to those situations. It comes with three finger sensors that are to be connected to the computer. These sensors can sense the body responses to thoughts and feelings. The sensors can track the variability of heart and skin conductance. It shows the feedback frequencies on screen and will be easy to manage the emotions level. This feedback helps you to control them and enhance relaxation by relieving stress. It is helpful in dissolving negative effects of stress and improves focus and concentration, thus improving both the mental and physical performance to a new level.

The Passage from Wild Divine comes with software that features fantastic high definition three dimensional graphics and video. It has got a wide range of energy and breathing exercises, as many as 40. You will not be doing the exercises alone but will be assisted by the virtual mentor or guide. The software requires Windows XP, 2000, Vista or Windows 7 to play and a memory space of about 1.5 GB and Mac OSX.

Passage from Wild Divine

The first program on the Passage is MacWorld Hall of Fame, a game that will interest both kids and adults at the same time. It is easy to follow and progress. This is never violent and the wonderful graphics inspires the biometric signals that utilize the mind and body in going the right direction. The games you play naturally relax the stressed mind and relieve the nerves and muscles while having fun. A Guided Activity Mode simply lets you go directly to the feedback events without having to play games. Your breathing, meditation, laughter and other emotions can lead you through the many stairs and doors. Enjoy the journey of self exploration since it is available on a 30 day money back guarantee if you are unsatisfied. Hurry! Get on with the journey.

Journey to the wild divine reviews

The Wild Divine Relaxing Rhythms is a biofeedback software and hardware that is compatible on PC and Macbook. The product has received mixed reviews from users.

On a positive note, users say that it is a great investment for those who are dealing with stressful mind and want to calm their mind. It boosts your energy levels by enhancing the mind levels that plays a great role in improving the body agility. The method of installation is easy and a breeze to use every day to beat negativity. With regular use, users have even eliminated using anxiety or blood pressure medications.

However, just like any other product, there are few drawbacks. For instance, few users say that it does not work on Windows 8. Even if you connect the biofeedback electrodes, the hardware doesn’t detect and shows error. Even when one is using Wild divine Relaxing Rhythms, Zen Journey, Wisdom Quest, or any other program, the IOM starts and stops working almost immediately making it difficult to get an accurate reading.

Apparently, majority of the drawbacks include incompatible usage and poor performance of the biofeedback device.

Here are few of the Journey to the wild divine app reviews.

Positive Wild divine reviews

Jeanna Christ – “Just as described. It is very easy to use.”

Happy Coffee – “I am very happy with the Healing Rhythms. It is definitely an useful tool for meditation. The guided meditations are so proper it rightly walks you through the process. Even the sensors and trackers are good and helpful. This is the first time I am working with biofeedback and definitely happy.”

Polka Dot Lady – “This item had a great sale so I purchased it. Am so happy made the right decision. It is a great biofeedback tool to calm the mind.”

Negative Wild divine reviews

Amazon customer – “I am surprised this product is still available for purchase. It doesn’t work on Windows 8. You will get no support in installation or any problems when it arises in the game. Initially, it worked wonderfully but when the company started making the changes, it stopped eventually. I purchased the HP windows computer only fr this and other wild divine programs as it became unstable on my Apple computers.”

Mark Mitchell – “Does not work on Mac Lion. Note to the wild divine people: If you are charging $300, might as well let people know the OS it is compatible with.”

Astrid Hall – “The inconsistent performance of the hardware of Journey to the wild divine meditation adds to the stress which you are trying to beat. Frequently, it tells me that the biofeedback isn’t connected. The verbal instructions are easy to follow.”

The Wild divine program is NOT available for free download online as you need the IOM biofeedback machine.

Wild divine is available for purchase on eBay and Amazon online. Check out the wild divine Youtube video reviews.

You can free download Journey to wild divine soundtrack at the official website. It is available in .MP3 format.

The Journey to wild divine biofeedback software & hardware is compatible with windows 7, iPad, iPhone etc. It is not compatible with windows 8. It also works on MAC book but only few models.