Yoga for Beginners & Beyond (Yoga for Stress Relief)

Yoga sequence for anxiety and stress has proven to be an effective natural remedy for stress and anxiety. I am a software programmer basically and I have to sit long hours working on my system with all those deadlines hanging around my neck. Back at home I am a supermom who needs to take care of two naughty kids and of course my better half too.

For a person looking at me from outside will feel that am leading a great life with a high packed salary and a great family life. But little does he or she know how much pressure and push I am taking on a day to day basis. It isn’t easy to manage job and home together. We have those training sessions where we are asked to maintain quality of work-life balance by various methods suggested by experts hired by our organizations. But most of the techniques taught to us are only fit to be inside the text books or in theory. I was really perturbed and that is when I decided to take a U-turn for the better without compromising on my job and my family.

I joined a yoga club even though I wasn’t sure whether I would be regular to attend the classes. Initially a few weeks passed where I would skip one or two classes but as days started running I was somehow managing my time and found myself making way to grab the yoga mat. Trust me slowly but steadily I was finally getting some time to spend with myself while meditating at the club. Even being in the midst of so many yoga doers’ I felt like I am sitting on a mountain top and watching the sun set rhythmically with each breath. Meditation is such a reliving thing to fight stress and anxiety as most of the ailments just back off hearing the word yoga.

I have lost few pounds within few months and have started feeling so easy moving around with full energy. Now I always practice yoga on a daily basis so that my stress hormones are kept under control and I can also overcome my anxiety problems.

Being a busy working woman I don’t have much time but still I find time do a few simple yoga poses that is more than enough to keep my stress levels down. If you want to keep a check on your anxiety problems and feel stress free then practice yoga.

Below am sharing simple poses of yoga sequence for anxiety and stress, which I practice during my busy schedule.

  • As always it’s better to do small warms up so that all your nerves and body stretches well for the upcoming poses.
  • Pranayama is the first thing I always start with as it helps to let go all the thoughts and help to concentrate. Just inhale, exhale and relax. Do this for about 5 minutes.
  • Next go for meditation for around 5 minutes again by chanting some mantra or focusing on your breathing. By now you would feel rejuvenated and packed with energy as your whole body is awakened.
  • After meditation I practice few poses like cat pose, cobra pose, triangle pose, lotus pose and cow pose. These poses help the body to carry out its various functions properly. Practice each of them for few rounds. They are also good for getting rid of stress and depression problems.
  • Lastly I go for the power packed yoga the ultimate sun salutation which is a combination of different poses. As of now I am doing only a few sets but I am constantly trying to increase the sets on a weekly basis. As you all know suryanamskara needs high stamina and power which one can gain only by constant practice.

Conclusion: Yoga is a great strategy to cope with stress and anxiety problems and rest others are just practical jokes according to me. Yoga is the only thing that worked for me and I am happy that I found the permanent solution for my problems. I also teach my kids to do yoga so that they can also learn to fight stress from young age.