Yoga for Menopause: Calmness Vitality & Harmony

Yoga helps in weight management, regulating blood cholesterol, blood sugar as well as in maintaining healthy heart. In menopausal women all these can go out of control.

Menopause is a life changing stage for many women. These poses of yoga for depression in menopausal women are highly effective in controlling stress and depression.  

If they thought that the monthly periods were the worst that could happen to them, they might have just realized it was not as bad as they thought when they hit menopause. The hot flashes sleep troubles, mood swings and ultimately depression is more than depressive even to think about. The menopausal women are under high stress all the while, thanks to these problems.

Ultimately all these are caused by hormones or the lack of if, so to speak. Hormone therapy is one of the most widely used treatments for the troubles of menopause. That is expensive and not a practical or permanent solution either. There is nothing you could do to bring back the hormone production to the normal state. This leads to stress and all other problems like the depression. Hormone therapy cannot treat the depression. it needs different approach. The only solution is to deal with the situation and make peace with it.

What should I do to get the situation compromised? While most people suggest physical exercises to relieve stress, and to maintain weight after menopause, it also causes the sweat problems. Women who already are in trouble with hot flashes would want to sweat out the least. What is the solution then? Yoga!

The Low Sweat Yoga For Menopausal Women – yoga for depression in menopausal women

Hatha yoga is one variety where the moves are rather slow. The stretches make enough stirring inside the body without much rigorous movements. This form of yoga helps the menopausal women to have physical exercises and at the same time does not have to sweat excessively. The poses here are meant to be restorative and kind of colder. The poses need to be held for longer with rhythmic breathing exercises. Guess this was made for women who have to suffer hot flashes after certain age.

How It Helps With Depression

While doing the Hatha yoga the breathing exercises helps concentrate on the mental stability and control. Yoga relieves stress from the body and god knows menopausal women have got plenty to cause stress. Stress is one of the main reasons for depression. Since the cause is menopause-stress-depression, yoga works on the same sequence by dealing with the bodily issues like weight management, exercises helping balance the hormones, relieving stress and erasing the cause for depression.

Slightest fluctuation in the body can affect our thoughts and makes us feel grumpy and moody. In such situations it does not take much time to slip into depression mode. Menopause offers the perfect scenario to this condition. At the same time, the subtle bodily movements can do the opposite. Many yoga poses demands opening up the chest region to expand. This energizes the body by allowing more air to breathe and thus can counter the depression. Equally good are the backbends, inversions etc.

Popular Yoga Poses To Relieve Menopausal Depression – yoga for depression in menopausal women

  • Bridge pose elongates the spine and can relieve the stress. It also energizes the body and reduces lethargy pr fatigue. This pose is good to fight insomnia and for easing anxiety after menopause.
  • Standing forward bend helps calm the mind and allows better circulation to the brain. It stretches the hips and leg muscles. This pose helps keep the tummy area from expanding after the hormone change.
  • Downward facing dog is another yoga pose to relieve menopausal discomforts. This pose is also known to relieve anxiety and helps send positive vibes to the brain to fight depression.
  • Seated forward bend is excellent for mild depression. It also works to energize the body and relieves insomnia.
  • Child’s pose calms the mind and bring in the peace of mind that a child enjoys. This poses focuses on breathing and expels effects of stress from the body.

The Bottom Line

Yoga helps in weight management, regulating blood cholesterol, blood sugar as well as in maintaining healthy heart. In menopausal women all these can go out of control. It is better to start practicing yoga right from pre-menopausal stage to counter many of these health issues.