Yoga for Beginners & Beyond (Yoga for Stress Relief)

Is it possible to beat stress with yoga poses?

“MOM…where is my floral printed dress? Mom, where is my cake? Mom, stop buggin’ me! Mom, I will call you back…!!!”

Not a day goes when we don’t use the MOM word and not a day passes without taking her for granted. But have we taken a moment to realise what she is going through? If you are a son or a daughter, pause and think it through. If you are a mom, I salute you.

One of the best gifts to the world is without a doubt our MOM. She works without a break, gets ignored and still loves us. Why not? We are a part of her.

Being a parent is tough. If you are a mom who is pregnant or trying to conceive, recently delivered a new born or adopted a baby, single mom or with your partner, then these yoga poses will help you in many ways you can’t even imagine.

Children can push you towards edge. After all we have been one. Kids can literally stress you out both emotionally and physically. But ultimately it comes down to you. How much are you gonna let it affect you? Practice building a strong emotional core that will keep you moving through the overwhelming challenges and love of motherhood.

Beat Stress With Yoga Poses For A Strong Mind And Body

Warm up

A warm up session is important to relax the body. Get it started with your hips. Use props such as blanket or block. Find your breath. Relax. Slowly allow your eyes to close. Now scan the body and notice how it feels at the moment. Stay for 5-10 minutes till you begin to feel at ease in your breath.

Beat Stress With Yoga poses for a stress free life

If you are a new mom (be it first or for the fifth time), listen to your body and its needs. Your body will send signals that you need to be vigilant. Start slow and don’t try to attempt during beginning stages of yoga. Try to get the initial steps right and then indulge in more challenging poses after longer practice.

If you recently delivered via C-section, make sure you consult your doctor before any physical activity. I understand your daily schedule is unpredictable but whenever you get the time practice.

  • Corpse Pose (Savasana) for 3 minutes. 24-30 breaths – this pose helps you to accept yourself. It also helps you to cut off stress from your body. Stress can be linked to many health problems. When you lie on your body, you are allowing your muscles to relax and melt with the floor. Let your body and mind relax shoo-ing away any stress that you carry.
  • Crunch for 1 minute. 8-20 breaths – apart from losing the calories you will be getting your portion of cardiovascular health as well.
  • Crunch variation for 1 minute. 8-10 breaths – relaxes the tensed body and increases the flexibility in the body. It also benefits the rectus abdominis muscle.
  • Cat and Cow poses (Marjaryasana and Bitilasana) for 2 minutes. 16-20 breaths – provides a gentle massage to the spine and belly organs. It also stretches your body especially the front torso and neck.
  • Cat-Cow leg lift 30 seconds, 4-5 breaths both the sides – this pose stimulates the organs and assists in stretching your chest and lungs. It also stretches your muscles including abdomen, back and hips. In fact this is one of the best poses that has helped women get rid of depression and anxiety.
  • Low lunge variation (Anjaneyasana), 1 minute, 8-10 breaths on both sides – releases tension in your hips. If that’s not enough, anjaneyasana helps you to build the mental focus. This pose not only develops the stamina but also boost the endurance in the thighs. For those who are suffering from sciatica pain, Anjaneyasana alleviates the pain and supports the sciatica nerve.
  • Prasarita Padottanansana – translated in English as Wide-Legged Forward Bend, this pose is excellent for toning the abdominal organs. It also calms the brain and relaxes the mind. For those who are suffering from mild backache, this is the best pose for utmost relaxation.
  • Locust pose – In Sanskrit it is known as “Salabhasana”. Want to a get a toned body with optimum strength? Then locust pose will help you. You can actually feel the pressure while stretching the spine, buttocks, back of arms/legs, chest, belly etc. It will not only improve the overall posture but you will also feel the stress moving out of your body.
  • Sukhasana – is the easy pose and a much better way to simply relax and calm the brain. As in the name, Sukhasana strengths the spine while stretching the knees, ankles etc.

To Conclude…

Apart from Yoga, it is equally important to take care of your sleeping schedule, your dietary lifestyle etc. that plays an unbiased role in your life. So make sure you implement the right kind of foods that will help you grow towards a positive life ahead.