Yoga for Stress Reduction

Yoga to get rid of panic attacks is something which I heard recently and thought of trying it. I can’t wait anymore. My patience is wearing down thin. I started to chew my nails, tapping my foot but then realized few eyes are hovering over me. I tried to relax and calm down. Only I couldn’t. I felt it would take forever for the nurse to call out my name.

And then she did. I walked in. My doctor was having my report on hand. I was having a premonition this ain’t good. Just as suspected, I was diagnosed with panic disorder and generalized anxiety.

I thought the earth was slipping away. Did I just hear it right? Me? Panic attack? I always thought of myself as a positive person. Of course, there were few ups and downs but for most of the time I didn’t let it affect me.

I snapped back to reality. Unfortunately, this wasn’t dream and every bit that came out of my doctor’s mouth was true. His only treatment option was medication and few therapies twice a week. I believed it.

Within a few weeks, I couldn’t rely on anything apart from medication. My only source of relief was medication. Therapies worked “in moment” but wasn’t of much help.

I became a loner emotionally. Yes, I would go to office, put up a fake laugh and everyone felt it was cool. But inside I was in pain. I was crying for help. I just didn’t want to see anybody. I shut myself off emotionally. I felt like reaching on top of mountain and crying out loud so that some miracle would just safe me from the situation.

And then it happened. I still wonder if it was my immense faith in God who pulled me out of this nightmare OR if it is the therapy (that worked subconsciously). But it was during such worst times that I found my strength. Somewhere there was a tiny light shining that kept saying “You are gonna overcome this!”. I did realise that the reason that I am still alive means something is bound to happen.

The Switch To Positiveness – Yoga to get rid of panic attacks

Making the change is often the difficult procedure. Few are very much emotionally attached to the comfort zone. They feel cuddled inside and safe. They feel threatened and fear taking up a chance.

This is the right time to make the transfer. I looked up yoga and meditation. I have heard a lot about it but never had the confidence if it might work for me.

Once I was prepared I took the initial step.

For starters, I cut out all the bad foods from my life…literally!! No junkies. It was difficult. I cheated but then I controlled myself. I also gradually cut down the medication. Now I had to look up meditation and yoga.

There were many. I didn’t know yoga was so famous till I actually “saw” the hoardings and asked couple of my office colleagues. They too wanted to join. It was a relief because I basically I was still afraid of doing it alone.

How Yoga And Meditation Helps To Relieve Stress And Panic Disorder

I was reluctant at first. Bending and moving the body was not something I was used to. I barely walked. It was always my cycle and then my bike. Ya…ya I am tad bit overweight.

The first day was quite overwhelming. There were so many (am not talking thousands but few tens) who were dealing with many issues be it emotional or physical. I felt somewhat comforted that I am not alone. And certainly didn’t have to do it alone.

So began my transformation journey. And I am living every moment of it now. I could not be happier to tell you how yoga can help you with panic disorder.

Many uncomfy symptoms including physical ones such as shivering, heart palpitation, shortness of breath, headaches, depressed feel, muscle pain etc. will be relieved once you become a yoga wizard.

POSTURES BETTER KNOWN AS ASANAS help the tensed muscles and physical discomfort caused by anxiety. By stretching, lengthening and balancing your body, you will release the tension and rigidity that has stoned your body.

Did you know that yoga can also work as a physical exercise? Apparently, when you ease the physical tension, both the mind and body relaxes. This will help you cut the negative thinking patterns and unnecessary worries that are diagnosed with panic disorder.

Meditation, visualizing and focusing on breathing vibrates and releases the positive energy. This will allow you to let go of the fear thus gaining a sense of calm and ease.

As I said earlier, yoga can also be a great way to meet other people. This will make you feel connected and show you that you are not fighting this war alone. There are others as well who will feel the same way with you. Thus begins a journey to socializing and a new embarking towards personal wellness.

This is one of the reasons why I tagged how panic attacks make the world a better place. It brings people together. At least in my case, it’s true. Though started out as negative it will turn out to be the most positive revolution in your life. And the best is yet to come!!!!