Ayurvedic Kansa Face Massage Wand

Kansa body wands is a wonderful stress buster which can be used by everyone. The healing Kansa face and body wand come with healing techniques that actually work. Read on to know more about Kansa facial massage & body wands, features, reviews and so on.

How often you feel stressed out?? Many people find it hard to fight against this stress. Massage therapy is one of the best methods to fight against all the depression and daily pressures. Kansa is a sole three metal combination which can balance the subtle energies of the body. This Kansa face and body wand is an excellent ayurvedic treatment. Which can be used both in your salon as well as at home.
Premium quality, classically crafted Kansa Wand at a revolutionary price point.

Kansa Body & Facial Massage Wand Features – what are the features of Kansa face wand?

  • This tool is lightweight and easy to carry.
  • It comes with a hand carved wooden handle, along with a bronze contact capping.

Kansa promotes relaxation. Detoxifies the body as detoxification yields all kinds of benefits like a better skin, mood, health etc. Bronze is an alloy (containing properties of both copper and tin). Copper is beneficial for balancing thyroid glands, heart, eyes and hair. Tin aids in better digestion and sleep patterns. Moreover, the metal is lustrous and highly resistant to corrosion. One can call this a great self-help tool. The hand carved wooden handle of this massager, makes it possible to utilize on most of the body parts (face, back, neck, shoulders). Compared to other massager’s, offering limited utility. Just rub this gently, putting some oil on the area to be massaged. There is no particular restriction. As this can be used at any time (either in the morning or daytime) by anyone.

Ayurvedic Kansa Vataki Foot Wand

Do you know?? feet is an important part of our body. Kansa in Sanskrit means bronze. Kansa vataki wandis a part of a traditional ayurvedic treatment, which uses kansa for enhanced wellness. It is mainly composed of two metals namely, copper and tin. Rubbing these metals on the vital points of the foot balances all the doshas. Buy Kansa Vataki wand that is available online at a cheap price.

Kansa Vataki Wand Benefits

  • Kansa Vatki foot wand can help to stimulate circulation and energy flow in your foot.
  • Relief from stress and anxiety.
  • Boosts the activity of your immune system.
  • Widens sleep quality.
  • Gives a healthy foot (by removing all the dryness and roughness of the skin).
  • Balances the Vata Dosha (this when present in excess heightens the range of illness).
  • Repairs cracks of the heels.

Kansa Vataki Foot Wand Features

  • Kansa vatki foot wand is lightweight, easy to handle.
  • There is a carved wooden handle attached to a bronze bowl (made of pure bronze).

This is a very effective tool with a wooden handle. Another added benefit is, you can also have a tool which comes without a handle.

One has to apply ghee or clarified butter to the foot. Then rub this tool along the full length of the foot (back and forth) in articular patterns. To get the cooling effect over the entire area.

Personal Kansa Face Wands & How Does It Work

Kansa face wand is a wonderful tool which can uplift your beauty. It works by lowering the levels of stress using a bronze-capped massage therapy.

Kansa Face Wand Massager Features

  • This personal kansa face wand is lightweight. It has a wooden, hand-carved handle making it easy to handle.
  • The upper part comes with a bronze cap that is a good conductor of heat.

This kansa wand is portable (can be used at home, traveling, working). It provides friction to the facial muscles. The wooden handle of this massager helps in proper massaging of the face. As it puts moderate pressure on these areas. This massage can pull the acidity from the tissues.

Certain other benefits of this Kansa face wand massager:

  • Kansa face wand unifies body, mind and spirit.
  • Lowers face pain, tension and head pain.
  • Lifts facial skin and glorifies your beauty.
  • Refreshes face, shoulder and neck muscles.
  • Aids detoxification.

The process takes about 15-20 minutes of your everyday life. Start rubbing this tool from the forehead, going down to the right side, then turn up the left side and return back to the forehead. There is no particular time period as one may rejuvenate their face at anytime (either in the morning or daytime).

Kansa Face Massage Wand Reviews

Kansa is an effective lighter tool. That makes use of the sacred metal alloy, bronze. Hence, bronze is called as a healing metal. Nowadays, these are in great demand in the market. As people want to destress themselves from all the routine pressures. Moreover, its handy without any kind of particular batteries. This is a great tool for your life which can last for a longer period.

If you are planning to buy kansa wand, make sure to check the reviews available on various websites.

Kansa Body Wands – Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of oil is effective for face massage?

Generally, Organic Jojoba oil (with essential oils) are most effective for face massage. This will help the wand to flow properly over the face.

Is Kansa body wand available in amazon?

Yes, Kansa body wand is available at amazon for a discounted price.

Is Kansa face wand available in UK?

Yes, Kansa products are available worldwide though the shipping charges might vary.

What is the price of kansa body wand?

Kansa body wand is available at an affordable price. You may check the seller’s website for further information.

Can I get, some details on kansa body wand warranty?

The information regarding warranty info is not mentioned in the website.

Is Kansa face and body wand available in Australia?

Yes, the product is now distributed in Australia also.

What about the shipping charges of Kansa Body Wands?

Shipping may vary for certain products. For this information, please refer to the manufacturer’s website.

Does this Kansa body wand really work?

Yes, this small bronze saucer shaped disc is the best massage tool. This Kansa wand is a wonderful tool for all the professional facials. Within minutes, one can eradicate all the stress and tiredness from their body.

How to learn massaging with this kansa wand?

It’s easy to massage with this Kansa tool. There are also, short instructional DVD’s available on Kansa wand in the market.

Get an instant Face lift with Kansa Wand