Yoganize Healing Yoga

Are you worried about the fine lines and wrinkles appearing on your face?? Well, stress and anti-aging yoga will help you come out of this. As we get older, we have to come across many responsibilities in our life. Obviously, this will bring more stress to your body and mind. Which will make your older soon.

Have you ever taught, how to fight against this?? Well, the answer is quite simple: start doing yoga. Yoga is important for both mental and spiritual development. This anti-aging workouts will make you look younger from the inner side. The best part is, yoga can be practiced at any age. Yoga is less arduous on our body, which puts less pressure on our organs. Moreover, there are endless benefits of this workout. Like, improves balance, inner awareness, brain function and concentration.

Trust me!!! I am not just saying this simply. Even my grand mother used to practice yoga. Who lived a healthy life to the age of 92. She had many beauty secrets which she used to note down in her personal diary……

Here are certain yoga poses which my grandma used to practice. These postures can give you a beautiful look. By targeting the physical effects of aging.

Breathing exercise – a kind of stress and anti-aging yoga

I know, this doesn’t sounds like an asana. But this a first step which links all your yoga poses and exercises…..

Do you know, what is Ujjayi breathing? I guess, hardly…..

Know more on Ujjayi breathing

This is an ancient yogic breathing method. Some people even call this as oceanic breath. There are so many benefits of this Ujjayi. Like, first and the foremost thing is: It calms your mind. Builds energy within our body, gives relief from tension, Heightens self awareness, maintains blood pressure and detoxifies body and mind.

How to do stress and anti-aging yoga with Ujjayi Breathing?

  • Its easy!! Just follow these simple steps.
  • Sit down on the yoga mat. Now close your eyes. Then zip your lips, start breathing in and out through your nose.
  • In this step, inhale deeply through your nose. Then exhale slowly through your nose (on constricting the muscles in the back of your throat).

When to perform this technique

  • Try this, whenever you find yourself completely stressed or depressed.
  • You may also workout this while doing Hatha yoga.
  • Its worth when you are doing aerobic exercise (like running, cycling).

Standing posture (Mountain pose)

Also called as Tadasana. This is a basic standing pose which helps in overall development of the body.

How to do stress and anti-aging yoga with Mountain pose ?

First, stand on your feet balancing yourself. Ensure, the bases of your big toes must touch the ground. Put the entire body weight equally on both the feet. Keep your thigh muscles compact without hardening your belly.

Next, lift both the hands upwards and unite them together. Stretch the shoulder blades and bend it little in the backward direction. Simultaneously straighten your head and the chin parallel to the ground. Then soften your throat and eyes.

Now breathe. Hold this pose for about 30 seconds. On attaining perfection, you can continue breathing for 1 minute.

Benefits of Mountain yoga pose for stress and aging

Mountain pose can yield relief from sciatica pain. Increases blood circulation. Expels depression and dullness. Improves alignment. Beneficial for thighs, knees and ankles. Reduces flat feet and develops flexibility. Boosts the level of digestion and elimination. Helps to learn balance and acquire control of the entire body.


Strictly avoid this pose in case of pregnancy. Also, not for individuals with high blood pressure, insomnia, headache etc.

Stop practicing this asana, if you feel any kind of discomfort. Moreover, try to learn this asana under the guidance of a tutor. You can also learn this through yoga CD’s to get the best result of this asana.

Warrior II pose

Two essential qualities (strength and stability) are required to perform this pose.
Once king Daksha arranged an important ritual sacrifice. Where he refused to invite both his daughter and her husband Shiva. But Sati went to the function and she was insulted there. So she shoved into the gathering and walked straight into the fire. Shiva on hearing the death of his wife, pulled the lock of his hair to bang on the ground. This lock of beaten hair turned into a powerful warrior for the destruction of Daksha.

How to do stress and anti-aging yoga with Warrior 2 pose?

  • Stand erect placing your feet wide apart. Where the right foot directing to the side, left foot (slightly) turned in.
  • In the 2nd step, exhale. Fold your right knee. Then inhale, at the same time lift your arms towards the sides. Fingers should point straight out.
  • Next, move your head towards the right side. Stay in this pose for 15-20 seconds. Now repeat and relax.


Warrior 2 pose can boost your stamina. Gives relief from osteoporosis, infertility, sciatica and carpel tunnel syndrome. Tones the abdominal organs. Improves digestion. Lengthens the areas like the lungs, chest, groins and shoulders. Besides, this promotes peace and courage.


  • Its good to practice this pose under the guidance of a yoga instructor. if you had undergone through any spinal disorders in the past.
  • This asana is not meant for individuals with high blood pressure, diarrhea, neck problems etc.
  • Pregnant ladies must consult their doctor before performing this asana.

Downward facing dog yoga pose

Downward facing yoga pose is considered best for women experiencing menopause. Its very favored form of exercise, that can be included in your anti-aging fitness routine.

How to do stress and anti-aging yoga with Downward facing dog pose?

  • Start from table pose (back forms the top of the table, while hands and feet forming legs of the table).
  • Next, breathe out and raise your hips up. Then straighten your elbows and knees to form an inverted v shape. Ensure hands and shoulders are width apart. Feet and hip are parallel to each other. Remember, toes must direct straight ahead.
  • In this step, squeeze your hands into the floor. Expand through the shoulder blades. Maintain the neck stretched through touching your ears to the inner arms.
  • Now, take deep long breathes. Look in the direction of the navel. Finally, exhale and return to the normal table pose. Relax.


The pose stimulates the muscles. Relieves stress by lowering headache, fatigue and insomnia. Increases lung capacity. Gives strength to your shoulders, arms, legs and feet. Improves circulation to the brain.

Caution: Avoid practicing this asana in case of shoulder pain, high blood pressure, carpel tunnel syndrome etc.

Corpse pose

This asana is generally practiced at the end of a yoga session. Corpse pose takes us to a meditative state of rest. Which in turn, repairs the damaged tissues and cells by releasing stress and depression.

How to do?

  • Lay flat on your back and close your eyes. You can make use of small pillows in case of difficulties. Place your legs in a comfortable manner with toes pointing to the sides. Keep your arms by the sides and leave your palms open (directing upwards).
  • Now, focus one by one on your different body parts. Relax slowly. Start from your right foot and move to the upper part of your body. Continue breathing during this entire process. Breathing in makes one energize while breathing out gives relaxation.
  • Don’t think about anything else!! But be sure you don’t fall asleep. Stay in this pose for 10-20 minutes. After this, keep your eyes closed and slightly roll onto to the right side. Now, lay in this position for 1 minute.
  • Now, with the help of your right hand. Sit up into Sukhasana. Take a few deep breathes. Feel relaxed and slowly open your eyes.

Benefits: Corpse pose is beneficial to lower anxiety, insomnia and blood pressure. Also, reduces the imbalance of air element in our body.

Caution: This can be performed by every one. But consult your doctor, in case of any complications.

Try this!!!! Yummy anti-aging smoothie….

You can include this in your daily diet. The drink is made using a combination of six anti-aging foods. Which can supplement all the nutrients required by the body to look younger.

  • Celery: You know?? One stick of celery contains lots of calcium, iron and vitamins like A, B1, C. These elements can flush all the destructive toxins from our body. Celery is a great stress buster and also lowers the level of low blood pressure.
  • Apple: This fruit is popular as an anti aging food. Apple is packed with powerful antioxidant properties. It is rich in malic acid. Malic acid has an ability to reduce the discoloration of the skin. Hence, mostly found in anti-aging skin products.
  • Coconut water: Another popular food which gives a youthful look. It has certain anti-carcinogenic and anti-thrombotic properties. This can prevent our skin’s aging process.
  • Lemon: The fruit contains vitamin C. This vitamin can keep our skin wrinkle free by removing all the dead cells.
  • Kale: This is known as “the queen of greens”. Containing anti-inflammatory properties. As it has fiber, iron, vitamin K, vitamin C and calcium within it.
  • Parsley: Fresh parsley contains vitamins like A,C,K, Iron, calcium and potassium. Hence, this used by most of the celebrities before all their events.

Direction: Mix all the above mentioned ingredients in a blender. Now, your smoothie is ready!! Enjoy this and maintain a healthy skin………..

Lastly, always remember. Nothing is impossible, all you need to do is push yourself towards something better. Do these anti-aging workouts and feel the real difference………..