Innertalk-store offers you excellent guides such as books, audio/video programs and much more that are stepping stone to success.

Progressive Awareness is an online website that features HPP (Hypno Peripheral Processing) programs which will motivate you to achieve health, wealth, and success at all stages of your life. If you have heard of the website Innertalk-store and want to know more about it, then this article is for you.

This online self-help website is the child of Progressive Awareness. As we all are aware, Progressive Awareness is a website by Eldon Taylor who has earned a doctorate in psychology and hypnotherapy. He is a well-known author of many motivational books and was a practicing criminologist for over 10 years.

The company has dedicated itself to help people get rid of their depressive behavior and achieve success in all walks of life.

Inner talk-store offers you various online self-help programs so that no matter where you are in this world, you can program your brain in such a way to bring out the best in you.

By channelling your brain with Hypno Peripheral Processing (HPP), power imaging, video entertainment, and other techniques, you can self-motivate yourself thus bringing out the best in you because….WHEN YOU BELIEVE IN YOURSELF, NOTHING ELSE MATTERS!!!

Innertalk-store offers you excellent guides such as books, audio/video programs and much more that are stepping stone to success.

Programs Offered

Here are few of the programs that are offered by Innertalk-Store.

Category – Relationships

  • Dealing with a troubled relationship?
  • Wanting to boost confidence
  • Having trouble talking to people or unable to express oneself

then, choose from a variety of programs that suit your purpose. Few programs include-

  • Charismatic (I Am Charismatic) – Put a spin on your personality. Remember people will always remember the charming and a charismatic personality. Simple affirmations such as “I am caring”, “I am sincere”, “I am patient” & more can make bring out the charismatic personality in you.
  • Jealousy (Freedom from jealousy) – the green-eyed monster can turn your friends to a foe. Be happy and secure within yourself and trust me, you will be happy as ever.
  • Co-Dependence (End Co-Dependence) – You don’t someone else to be happy. Don’t compromise on your self-respect and don’t ever lose your confidence. In a relationship, people tend to put others first thus losing their own self-respect. One might find themselves addicted or compulsive. This is the program that can not only save your relationship but also prove enlightening.

Category – Body Image

  • Are you looking slim and boneless?
  • Do you suffer from weight gain?
  • Want to feel youthful and restore the vitality as you age?

then, there are multiple programs are available for you to choose from. Few examples include-

  • Weight loss NOW – one of the efficient programs for those who want to lose weight, this is a must-have. This headphone program will blend with your subconscious mind in such a way that you will efficiently lose weight. No need for crash diets anymore with this self-help program.
  • Younger and Healthier – Scientists claim that DNA has the ability to respond to affirmations. That’s right, your intention can take you anywhere. This program comes with two different program sets motivates you to channel your subconscious mind not only to look but feel young as ever.
  • Metabolism (Using Metabolism to melt fat way) – Choose the format you desire to get rid of that unwanted fat from your body. With regular affirmation, your brain function will augment in such a way that you will lose metabolism by carrying out daily health activities. For instance, drink more water, increase physical activity and so on.

There are many such programs to enhance your mind power. You can download it in mp3 format or have it shipped via CDs.

hypno peripheral processing

How Do These Programs Work In Your Mind?

Innertalk technology has been well-researched and studies by many universities and institutions on how you speak to yourself. They are designed in such a hassle-free manner to evoke the power within you. Innertalk audio programs are available in easy MP3 downloadable format that is blended with positive background affirmations on the respective self-help topic. There are CDs and audio/video programs available for enhancing affirmations.

They are easy-to-use and can be played in the background while you are working, reading, relaxing, playing etc – even when you are sleeping or watching TV. (However, I feel it works best when you are in a silent place with no one to disturb you).

Innertalk technology has been patented by the US Government not to mention backed up by independent studies conducted at leading universities. The programs come with recorded affirmations that will put excellent thoughts on your mind.

Here are few of the programs implemented in the motivational courses.

  • OZO and Echo-tech – feature 3D audio music, echo, and nature sounds that blends together with subliminal affirmations. This program works only on headphones. You can use it when you feel relaxed such as while retiring for the day.
  • Power imaging – comes with guided imagery program that asks you to eye-shut and enter 45 minutes of visual affirmation with encouraging audios running in the background. This is great for sleep learning.
  • Platinum plus – helpful CDs that work best on headphones. It provides you great insights that are blend together with patterned mantra intonations and neuro-matrix sound patterns to train the brain wave. This will deliver you heightened state of relaxation and balance of mind.
  • Video entertainment – an indescribable experience as deemed by some, this technology is so advanced that even users who use them cannot comprehend its power. The combination of light and sound boosts the brain and the subconscious mind to accept the positive affirmations and implement them in their everyday lives.
  • HPP (Hypno Peripheral Processing PLUS Innertalk) – are a series of parable-like stories that helps the listener’s conscious mind. A technique called dual induction, this program shuts down the logical portion of the mind. As a result, it allows a deep state of relaxation that is ideal to absorb the positive in subconscious mind.

What Consumers Have To Say?

Innertalk-today has received pretty amazing reviews from users. Consumers who have used self-help programs claim that the CD’s are easy-to-use. Few admitted that it was difficult and scary as you are consciously handing over your mind to a program that can alter your personality. But since the programs are absolutely they moved to a better beginning of their lives.

Many users feel that their lives have changed after trying out books and CD’s of Eldon Taylor and Innertalk.

Of course, just like positive response, there are critical reviews as well. People claim that though the idea of using mind-conscious techniques are good, the challenge lies in the music that can get noisy and obnoxious at times. Few users also claim that they had loved Eldon Taylor’s book earlier, recent books hint a lot of marketing that can simply drive even faithful users away.

Joan Lewis from Cambridge says – “My son Ian was suffering from terrible bullying at school. We started using this CD and I am so happy to tell you that he is not having any problems now. He is confident, happy and what’s best – his grades have shot up.”

Clayton says – “I wouldn’t review if this product doesn’t work. It is much simpler than Leslie LeCron hypnosis book. It is a simple, easy to understand book that is absolutely fun. It is absolutely effective if you are serious to implement.”

Hamdaddy4u50 says – “Great product that is available at a fantastic price. I can’t say enough good about this author.”

M.J.1978 claims – “This is one of the worst books I have ever read. There is no data or references. You will find only his own opinion and long stories. You won’t learn much from it.”

Shipping And Returns

Innertalk-store ships anywhere in the world so no matter where you are you can avail of these inspiring techniques. However, you need to pay a small shipping fee, be it in the USA or internationally.

These programs come with a 30-day return policy. Try them for 30 days. In case you feel the program is not working in your favor, contact the customer care and arrange a return. You will be duly reimbursed (minus the shipping and handling charges).

Discount Codes And Coupon Codes

Sign up to the newsletter of Innertalk-store and you will be updated with discount coupon codes and promotional deals by the company. There are many websites that offer exclusive coupon codes that will help you get exciting offers such as cut-off on the price, free shipping, free CDs/books and so on.

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This means choose at many areas that you would like to improve (be it CD, downloadable single programs, collections, albums or libraries). When you choose 4 items, the 5th one will be offered free of charge.


Summing it up, Innertalk-store is a genuine website that offers pretty good amazing products for you. For those who are taking a serious approach towards life, this is for you. The company has US patented programs that speak a lot about the techniques and approach of moving toward betterment. There are helpful sources and resources (library) that you can utilize to the most to move towards positive enlightenment. If you are ready for a drastic “change” of your life, then I would definitely recommend this Innertalk-store for you.