Muse Headband

Muse is actually a simple device that helps you to learn meditation in a better way and to inculcate that habit. It makes you focused and gives you real time feedback about your brains activity. It tells you when to correct and what all are required to control your mind while meditating.

Meditation is the only way out to break all that stress and tiredness out of our hectic lives. Muse Headband makes meditation sound easier than doing it the normal way.

Devoting a good 15 minutes on a daily basis for meditation can be of great help to overcome most of our worries. It will help us to stay focused, alert, peaceful, graceful and calm. Meditation is one of the ancient practices that are still preserved by mankind with utmost respect and it is becoming a part of everyone’s life. Want to know how your brain responds to meditation or do you want to get keenly involved in this process? Then this article is all about meditation made easy with MUSE HEADBAND and probably you were looking for something similar.

Scroll through the sections below to read a detailed review about muse headband from Interaxon.

  • What is muse?
  • How does muse headband work?
  • Benefits of using muse headband for meditation
  • Why choose muse for meditation?
  • What does muse headband measure?
  • Muse headband review
  • Muse promo codes and discount coupons
  • Frequently asked questions
  • Conclusion

What Is Muse?

In simple terms, muse is a personal meditation assistant that will guide you throughout your meditation session and improve your experience day by day.

It is such an interesting piece that actually tells what is running inside your mind. Once you wear the headband, headphones and launch the app, the whole process starts. Muse will guide you into a meditation session with natural sounds which you can choose for yourself (example, beach, water drops, rainforest etc.). When you start meditating the headband measures your minds activity levels using a brain-sensing technology. If your mind is calm then you will hear peaceful weather sounds. On the other hand if your mind is disturbed and active then the weather will build up and muse will smoothly steer your mind back to a calm state. Muse also allows tracking your progress after each meditation session and allows comparing the results with previous ones. It helps you to improve and set your goals leading you to new heights.

How Does Muse Headband Work?

  • Connect muse to the installed app on your mobile device using Bluetooth. Once paired, muse will automatically pair up with last connected device. You don’t have to repeat the process after the initial setup.
  • You will then be guided to a tutorial (for the first time when you start using). This will help you to understand how muse headband should be fitted so that it can read your brain signals accurately.
  • Calibrate the muse before each session and this is done by taking a snapshot of your brain when it’s active. Muse will listen to your brain signals for 60 seconds so that it can study your brain activity before each session.
  • Once you start mediation muse will guide you swiftly in real time. When your mind is calm you will get to hear soft and settled winds. But if you mind is disturbed and active then you will hear winds picking up force and blowing. This will help you to focus and calm down your mind.
  • After the session is over muse gives you detailed reports in the forms of graphs and charts. It shows your progress over time and you can earn points to unlock exciting features on muse app. It will show your brains activity like; the total time when you remained calm during meditation. By reviewing you session data you can perform better the next time.
  • All the results are stored in your mobile phone and cloud storage (read FAQ part for more details). The muse app follows your progress and makes you aware of your own mind. It keeps you motivated and helps to improve your focus levels. Muse is a challenging app that gives you goals, bonuses and targets to achieve which makes it unique from other such devices. With every session you will get boosted with confidence and will surely fall in love with meditation.
  • It helps you to improve over time and train the brain in a powerful way. Now you can start noticing the changes that has started taking place in your life. Muse will make you a different person who has improved focus levels and greater self confidence. Moreover you will be happy go lucky person free from worries and stress.


Benefits Of Meditation With Muse Headband

  • Helps to improve brain health
  • Invokes the unused areas of the brain
  • Effective anti-depressant remedy and to overcome stress
  • Speedy recovery from post traumatic experiences
  • Widely used by veterans and psychology practitioners
  • Changes the structure of the brain and makes your brain work younger than non mediators
  • Helps to overcome physical barriers and unleash the power of your brain
  • Makes meditation sound easier than doing it the normal way
  • No more distractions and just pure meditation
  • Studies report that muse starts training the mind from the first minute of using it.
  • Helps to improve cognitive skills and reduces somatic symptoms

Muse is one of the first platforms that collect big data (data collected from research participants) in neuroscience for the benefit of customers. Researchers are working on these big data stored in their clouds to develop new insights into brain biomarkers of aging.

Why Choose Muse For Meditation?

Muse is actually a simple device that helps you to learn meditation in a better way and to inculcate that habit. It makes you focused and gives you real time feedback about your brains activity. It tells you when to correct and what all are required to control your mind while meditating. It motivates you and encourages you to devote time for meditation without causing boredom. It is a proven fact that meditation leads to changes within the brain and provides positive outcomes. So why not associate this innovative technology with ancient meditation process.

Muse is the best tool for beginners who want to start meditating and understand its importance. This headband is also suitable for professional mediators’ as it helps them to get feedbacks about their sessions. It gives a brief glimpse of your brains activity while you meditate and it tells you how it is responding. For professionals muse offers adjustment of volumes and real time feedbacks if needed. They can use these features only when it’s needed as it is largely meant for beginners. Muse work?

What Does Muse Headband Measure?

Muse is a unique tool which consists of a headband. It is brain fitness tool that measures brain signals with the help of calibrated sensors. It has 7 calibrated sensors attached to the headband that detects the brains activities while meditating. 2 on the forehead, 2 behind ears and 3 reference sensors.

It contains 5 forehead sensors, 5 led lights, power button, 2 charging ports and 2 smartsense™ conductive rubber ear sensors.

Customers Review On Muse Headband For Meditation

Customers love this product mainly for three reasons

  • Accuracy and real time feed backs
  • Reduced stress and increased focus
  • Improves meditation practice

I just went along the Amazon site to check for customer reviews and I was surprised to see the number of positive responses. Majority of them were definitely satisfied with this product and they have noted a major difference in the way they feel after using this device. They say that it has helped them to include meditation as a part of their life without getting bored or distracted. Some say that it has actually helped them to overcome stress in a better and easy way. A few customers had trouble regarding the fit of the headband but I guess reading the manual carefully and following the instructions will sort out that issue. A common comment which I found was “this product is worth buying for the price and usefulness”.

If you check the Google play store and iTunes stores you will find that muse app has actually acquired ratings ranging “4.5 to 5” stars. That speaks a lot about its worth and effectiveness. CNN has also quoted saying that “imagine a gadget that knows your mind”. I guess this statement goes perfectly with MUSE and no wonder why it is liked by many people around the world. This is one of the innovative gadgets that one must own amidst of this stressful life to find some peace.

Muse Headband Promo Code & Discount Coupons

You can avail promo codes and discount coupons from their official Facebook page or registered websites. They post exciting deals from time to time with huge discounts. You can also visit their official site for discounts on shipping and other deals.

Frequently asked questions

Who manufactures muse headband?

InteraXon is a Toronto-based trendsetter working in the field of brain-sensing technology. They have developed innovate products like levitating chair, brain powered beer tap and many more to their credits. Muse is one of their best products which are highly liked by customers and an effective tool for meditation.

Are the measurements taken by muse safe for our health?

The measurements taken by muse are harmless for our health and this technology is widely used in the medical industry since a long time. Muse collects all the brain signals and sends it as readable information to your mobile device. All the data are sent via Bluetooth to your mobile phone. Also Bluetooth waves are safe and less powerful when compared to normal cell phone radio waves. That simply means that it is safe to use and totally harmless. It is one of the devices acknowledged by experts for its effectiveness.

Where can I buy muse headbands?

Muse headbands can be purchased at their official site ( and other retail partners like brain fitness, The chopra center, Brook stone and mindtech store. It is also available in stores like Marbles the brain store and fry’s electronics. This product is available at other online portals like Best buy and Amazon.

Is there any money back guarantee for muse headbands?

Yes this product comes with a 60 day money back warranty. You can contact the customer care if you have made a purchase directly from The return process will be initiated after you acquire the return authorization number and Interaxon should receive the product within 75 days from the delivery date. For muse bought from retail stores you will have to contact them with proof of purchase for the return process. Also refer the Terms of Sale and the Limited Warranty.

Is there any maintenance required for muse headbands?

Yes it is necessary to clean and maintain the headband at least once in a week. You can do so by rubbing small quantity of alcohol on a cotton ball and gently rub the headband. Make sure to clean the forehead and ear sensors without giving any pressure. Just go smoothly and give a light rub. Clean the case and the whole of the headband to keep it in a good condition. Check out this video “how to clean muse headband”.

Is my data being saved anywhere else other than my phone?

The session data will be stored on both the mobile device and on cloud servers. But customer’s privacy is always respected and data is stored anonymously in the cloud storage. Without customers consent this data is not taken or used for any sort of purpose.

Is muse compatible with all devices?

It is almost compatible with all devices mainly apple and android. If you want to know about each one in detail you can visit this link. “Compatible devices with muse”

How to read the session report?

Once the report is sent to the mobile device you can read them in the form of graphs and charts.

It depicts three states of your brain activity as follows

  • Active state where your mind is wandering and there is lack of attention
  • Neutral state where you are at rest or at your natural state. Here is there is lack of attention and but you attentions is keen
  • Calm state where there is restful focus on your breath. ie. Concentrated breathing.

All these three states are given in the form of percentages and you can learn how much time you have spent in each state. Muse helps you to attain the calm state with a focused mind with the help of soundscapes.

Conclusion Muse headband is arguably the best way to meditate with the help of technology. It helps to attain self realization and boost self confidence by taming the mind. It helps to understand how the brain responds in each session and helps one to improve systematically. With each passing day you will start feeling the difference and you will be a new person in Toto. This is one of the best products which I would like to recommend to one and all.