Yoga for Seniors with Jane Adams: Improve balance, strength and flexibility with Gentle Senior Yoga

Gentle Yoga with Jane Adams

The poses in the Yoga for seniors DVD flow gradually and easily into one another making it easy to follow. The challenge would be just appropriate and there is enough time between the poses to learn them properly.

Jane Adams gentle yoga for seniors is a Yoga DVD aimed at the age group of 73 to 92. It is an extremely gently version of Yoga for the elderly. It is inevitable that with age, the flexibility of the body starts receding. There are several workouts that people follow in order to keep their body functioning with easy and to keep it healthy, but Yoga is one of the most provenly popular techniques to follow for this.

Features of the Jane Adams gentle yoga for seniors DVD

The instructor, Jane Adams provides a live class in the Yoga DVD with seniors performing the different moves and there is also an instructor only version for those who prefer that. Both the sessions last for 35 minutes. There are 40 safe and simple movements which are all done either sitting on a chair or standing beside a chair. The main focus is to provide workouts for people who find it difficult to perform normal, rigorous workouts. This session goes well with the body abilities of the elderly and they find it interestingly simple.

It is clear that the main aim of the Yoga DVD is to provide a fuller and more independent life. The moves can strengthen the entire body, increase balance and also enhances joint range motions. It can fulfill the wide range of needs and extra requirements of the elderly.

Jane Adams gentle yoga

Gentle Yoga Jane Adams Exercises provided & Yoga for Seniors

  • Jane Adams gentle yoga provide emphasis on improving the strength and flexibility of the muscles and joints which are needed for everyday activities.
  • Movements that strengthen the feet, ankles and legs are included in the Yoga DVD as there is a higher tendency to fall and these will provide the necessary balance to prevent such hazards.
  • The hips and legs are strengthened to improve flexibility and mobility to perform several tasks through the day like getting up or sitting down on chairs, while getting in and out of cars and other tasks.
  • These also increase the motion range of arms, shoulders and hands. The elderly will that they will perform simple tasks like getting dressed and other housework get easier when they practice this Yoga DVD.
  • There are also relaxing moves like deep breathing and good postures. The sessions can energize and relax the body and you will have more fun throughout the day.
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