Yoga for the Rest of Us: Easy Yoga for Arthritis

Easy Yoga for Arthritis

Rheumatoid arthritis is an autoimmune disorder which commonly affects the areas like joints. In some cases the condition can damage the body parts like lungs, heart, skin, eyes and blood vessels.

Yoga for the Rest of Us is a Yoga DVD that comprises of poses of easy yoga for arthritis. The program focuses on providing easy routines, especially for arthritis weakened joints. The routines in this are balanced between being too demanding being too plain.

Easy Yoga for Arthritis is actually very popular among elderly people and people whose bodies have been weakened by injury. It has clear instructions that go with the workout, explaining how to correctly do the moves and also their benefits.

Easy Yoga for Arthritis

About the instructor

Peggy Cappy is a yoga teacher with a unique approach in the videos. She comes from the historic place Peterborough, NH and this Yoga DVD involves first hand accounts of how Yoga helped men and women students in her hometown with their arthritis. It also helped them improve their overall health and well being.

Peggy Cappy demonstrates movements of Easy Yoga for Arthritis, that can be performed easily at home to improve the strength of your muscles and help with mobility. People challenged with arthritis are especially benefited by this and also stiffness with age is reduced a great deal.

Easy Yoga for Arthritis

Routines in the Yoga for the Rest of Us DVD

There are seven segments in this Easy Yoga DVD for Arthritis and these are not only easy to follow, but they are also energizing and makes the body more flexible.

Easy Yoga for Arthritis

There are

  • Gentle warm ups that help in loosening shoulders, neck, back and arms. People with joint problem have reported that they feel lesser strain on the lower back throughout the day once they tarted with this workout.
  • Warm-ups for the hands, wrists and arms for people who have begun to loose flexibility in these joints due to arthritis, injury or age.
  • Standing poses for better balance and overall strength.
  • Seated Poses for strength in the upper body.
  • Reclining poses for development of muscle strength.
  • Deep relaxation techniques for a clearer head at the end of a rough day and at the end of the session to cool off the body.
  • Meditation to improve focus and concentration. Meditation improves mental ability and helps us develop a lot of skills.

Easy Yoga for Arthritis

In this Yoga DVD, the instructor follows a special technique of modifying each pose into a standing, seated or using a chair for support. This helps people of all abilities to participate in the sessions and using meditation, stress relief is also promoted.

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