Yoga: Gentle Practice- Yoga DVD

Yoga: Gentle Practice

The  Gentle Practice Yoga DVD is a gentle yoga practice that is not too demanding yet gives you benefits of the art. The poses grab your attention and pull you into a deep experience and they are passive enough to be followed with ease. The theme of this program seems to be peace and tranquility and the different poses and the flow prove as much.

About the model

Zyrka Landwijt was trained by Parvathi Nanda Nath Saraswati in the Bhairavi Maha Yoga tradition. She has soft, unhurried movements and a clear, soothing voice. These qualities go along well together to form a perfect Yoga instructor. The poses flow gently into each other, without sudden movements or changes. This will let you and your body follow easily without stress on any portion of your body.

Contents of the Yoga DVD Gentle Practice

  • There are two general series in it.
  • The beginning is a foundational 30 minutes sessions.
  • There are second and third sequences which will extend the first few poses and these are passive, too.
  • The routines include kneeling, sitting, reclining, prone or supine poses.
  • A pose guide included in the Yoga DVD will provide hints on how to improve your performance of the 23 of the poses. There are 6 gentle sequences on the whole.

What you achieve from the Gentle Practice Yoga DVD


The instructor is well trained and this she knows exactly how to perform a pose to get the maximum benefits from it. They are inspirational and you will unknowingly become more flexible. The poses are so gradual and clear that you would find yourself performing them with ease in no time at all.

Each of the 6 sequences have their own difficulty levels and strengths. There are 2 half hour sequences, 2 three quarter hour sequences and two hour sequences on it. Common mistakes made by practitioners while performing the art are explained in the Yoga DVD and there are also pose benefits and contradictions mentioned.


Benefits of each pose can be learnt while performing them and when doing the main sequences, you will already know all about the different poses. This is a surprisingly beautiful experience and you will crave for these poses everyday, due to how good and relaxed they make you feel.


Some reviews call it great for beginners. Some of the poses are easy for beginners but, some take a little more practice. This can be achieved by practicing them regularly. A slightly more experienced Yogi would be amazed by this Yoga DVD.

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