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Yoga DVDs for Beginners

Beginners in Yoga practice need to have some slow pace exercise regime. Each posture must be well explained and their importance must be detailed by a registered instructor. Once started Yoga must be part of the daily routine and must be time bound and simple to do but effective.

Yoga for Beginners is a Yoga DVD presented by Barbara Benagh. She is a Yoga instructor who has been teaching the art for nearly 35 years and she has a Yoga studio on Beacon Hill. After discovering and teaching Yoga in England, she moved to Boston and conducts seminar throughout US and internationally.

About the Yoga DVD for Bodywisdommedia

  • Yoga for Beginners is an interactive Yoga DVD with different choices. Usually, such programs would have one general workout that is expected to suit every user.
  • In this, you can customize the workout to your needs.
  • The different types would include different Yoga sequences to fit your requirement, for example: some have stress relieving, shoulder relaxing moves while others are invigorating and pumping. This means that if you prefer to start the day with energizing workouts, you can choose one and if you would just like to ease into the day, you could choose relaxing ones.
  • The Yoga DVD also has different lengths of practices. Each person has a different time constraint, some would prefer to perform a session that would last 10 minutes and some would like longer ones on different days. There are workouts as long as 90 minutes in this program. This gives good body mind connection.

How to choose a program from Yoga for Beginners

You could choose the session that suite you from the different titles which indicate the workout in it. The Yoga for stress Relief is a wonderful workout that is really the beginner level session as the moves are simple and wouldn’t over exert a novice body. The Power Yoga for Every Body is a little more demanding helps in the transition from beginner level moves to a more challenging workout.

Features of Yoga DVD-Yoga for Beginners

  • The routines are customized and focused on specified needs. There are 8 sessions in this.
  • The routines last from 10 minutes to more than 60 minutes.
  • There is an exclusive interview with the instructor, Barbara Benagh.
  • There are also articles from Body+Soul magazine.
  • It is located on the Half-Moon Bay, a beautiful beach in Antigua.

The involvement of Dalai Lama


This Yoga DVD involves Yoga sessions that fit Dalai Lama’s message about avoiding stress to improve mental happiness and physical wellbeing. There is a 30 minute talk of Dalai Lama’s teaching.


This Yoga DVD helps you focus on the benefits of Yoga and improve your strength, flexibility and concentration. It make you look and feel healthier than ever before.

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