Yoga for Beginners Boxed Set

Yoga for Beginners & Beyond (Yoga for Stress Relief)

Yoga for Beginners Boxed Set (Yoga for Stress Relief / AM-PM Yoga for Beginners / Essential Yoga for Inflexible People)

The Yoga for Beginners Boxed set contains 3 Yoga DVDs that would give you all the instructions you need to begin with the workouts. Yoga is a wonderful art form that would give you both mental and physical health. However, too many people think that beginning it is a complicated process. This is not true and this set will provide the necessary advice for correct positions and workouts that are easy for any beginner to follow.

Features of the Yoga for Beginners Boxed set Yoga DVDs

  • There are 40 routines on these Yoga DVDs that would improve flexibility, reduce stress and strengthen your body beyond what you thought was possible.
  • They are motivational as well. There are modification workouts for people who are not that flexible. This will solve the problem of people thinking that they need a great flexible body to do Yoga: it’s the other way around, you do yoga to improve upon your flexibility.
  • The routines last from 15 to 60 minutes.
  • The highlights of this set are the footage of Dalai Lama discussing meditation, the setting in the Half-Moon Bay, Antigua and the interactive sessions themselves.

Yoga for Stress Relief

Yoga for Beginners Boxed Set

Stress considered one of the worst of all evils to health from moder day activities. We rarely achieve good health, happiness and well being. In this DVD, the mental and physical aspects of life are co related through Yoga.

AM/PM Yoga for beginners

it is energetic and serene at the same time. The Am practices are for a vigorous and active morning while the PM practices will let you relax after a long day of mental and physical stress. It leads you to a peaceful sleep.

Essential Yoga for inflexible people

Some people find it difficult to go through the different motions of Yoga due to a naturally inflexible body. This Yoga DVD will focus on slow paced and flowing moves that will gradually improve the flexibility of your body and bring a calm and serene mind.


All of the Yoga DVDs can be utilized by beginners and advanced Yoga practitioners alike. The instructors are Barbara Benagh and Maggie Rhoades.

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Yoga for Beginners & Beyond (Yoga for Stress Relief
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