Rodney Yee’s AM/PM Yoga for Beginners

AM and PM Yoga

AM Yoga for beginners is prepared keeping in mind the fact that just like the sunrises, our body rhythm is also elevated in the morning. This is why morning is supposed to be the best time to do yoga. Both the mind and body opens up and is centered at the right point to make the day energetic and fruitful.

Rodney Yee AM PM Yoga for Beginners is one of the wonderful yoga sessions created by famousYoga instructor Rodney Yee. His AM PM workouts come in a single DVD.

Rodney Yee is a renowned yoga instructor who has published many yoga workouts DVDs from beginners to advanced levels. Since the ideal time to do yoga is morning and evening Rodney Yee has come up with an AM-PM workouts in a single DVD. The DVD has two section one for morning and the other for evening. The daily session will revitalize and rejuvenate the body and mind. Each session is quick and ends in 30 minutes. There is also an additional download of AM/PM meditation session. It is about breathing to relax and control the life that runs for 12 minutes.

AM Energize as the name suggests is to energize the body for the day. The workouts are simple and easy. It is a journey to a better health. The gentle sound of the waves and ocean itself has the rejuvenating power to energize the body. It is advisable to watch the video once before attempting the postures; it will be much easier this way. The gentle movements are as effective as the intense workouts. It is just ideal to wake up the mind and body even when the morning is groggy and irritable. The session glides from 4 minutes breathing, 14 minutes of thorough workouts and 2 minutes meditation.

Rodney Yee AM PM Yoga

The PM Unwind is the ideal relaxation workouts at the end of the day. It not only relaxes the mind and body but also helps get sound sleep at night. The workouts start with the centering series that lasts for 4 minutes. This is followed by the actual workouts for 13 minutes. The relaxation phase is 3 minutes. Due to the quick completion there is no much time for this and can be easily done even when there is less time.

Rodney Yee AM PM Yoga

The drawbacks the users are mentioning is the confusion the instructor providing regarding left and right movements. If the user is not concentrating he may easily confuse the left and right. Even then the video is suitable for a beginner and even who find it difficult to follow the usual postures. With practice the body will be more and more flexible and the workouts will become easier. Please note that you should not strain the body to follow the instructor. The instructor has years of practice and more flexible body. Start at a slower pace and be gentle to the body and mould it in turn as you go.

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