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Jillian Michaels: Yoga Meltdown [DVD]

Yoga has become a path chosen by many people globally for keeping themselves fit mentally as well as physically. Yoga has spread to all part of the world keeping people fit and changing their way of living.

There are a lot of training centers which specializes in training of yoga around the world. One such similar venture is Yoga Download which is online based in its working and provides various kinds of services including tutorials and demonstrations for new entrants.

Yoga download is complete online store for all the varieties of yoga that is practiced. Now let me explain how the site works:

  • Joining the club: The club can be joined by registering to the site by creation of a login and password, the fee structure is can be found in the site itself. The fee structure are on monthly, quarterly, half-yearly and even yearly basis. Among this plans there are normal and elite plans which differs in the amount of information available from the site. The subscription is automatically renewed and can be cancelled by a click. You will be having a ‘my account’ page where you can do the necessary changes.
  • Classes: The site provides various modes of classes for different subscribers depending upon their need and the type of yoga they prefer. The classes are classified according to different levels so that it easy for a subscriber to actually select a mode.
  • Find your class: Under this function of the site you are given an option to find your objective of joining the club. For e.g. the objective for joining this club can be attaining core strength or for a weight loss. This can be found through this page. This function helps to find the suitable type of yoga which can help you reach that objective.
  • Instructors: This is an option whereby the subscribers can find their instructors from a list of trainers. Each instructor’s information would be given in that page and you can select an instructor who you think is experienced and suited to you.
  • Music: This is one of the most attractive functions of this site; the site provides a flurry of spiritual ambient music which plays a crucial role in elevating the mood while practicing yoga.
  • Printable materials: The site also provides printable materials regarding the postures and other aspects of practicing yoga. This can be used as a ready reckoner while practicing yoga.
  • Experiences: The site also has blogs to share experience on the field of yoga and also to provide new insights regarding the practicing of the art of yoga. Blogs can give new ideas to mind and yoga this can be very helpful in maintaining the interest throughout.
  • Community: The site itself is represented as community and many interesting selections are done for keeping the process interesting. Every month a yogi is selected and is awarded as the ‘yogi of the month’ based on his/her performance.

Yoga Download

Yoga download is an innovative venture which harmonically contributes to the spreading of the wonderful art of yoga which can help in changing the lives of people. Yoga download is able to spread the message through its enormous online base.

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