Top 7 Online Websites That Offer Yoga Classes

Importance of Yoga in our lives

Yoga cannot be considered as an exercise which burns your calories. It is a form of science where the integration of the body, soul and mind meets. Today’s generation has become lazy where people hardly find any time to do yoga.  There are many online websites that offer yoga classes.

Most of the people don’t know what yoga itself is. Busy persons are at the back of their business and work with a motive of making money. But they can’t devote about 10-15 minutes for doing yoga. We are forgetting, what we will earn or achieve after a certain period when our body itself won’t support. Just make a difference between our ancestors and the modern generation. You will surely find how healthy they people were and how unhealthy we are. Now everyone, even small kids have innumerable diseases and die at an early stage. One can have junk foods to an extent but beyond the level it will surely become a poison. But control can be made on this by doing some form of exercises. Good habits come from the home. Children’s are the growing future of tomorrow and they should be nurtured with good habits. It’s not worth to think this, since their parents themselves are not following any kinds of rules for a healthy body.Online Websites That Offer Yoga Classes

Yoga has a remedy for all types of diseases. One is able to work is an efficient start with a good start. Students can focus on their studies with greater concentration. Some people have interest to learn the yoga practices but don’t know from where to learn. Many join yoga centers paying lots of money. Today modernization has reached beyond the roots where there is an answer for every hurdle. There are many websites available online to learn yoga poses and are very cost effective also.

My Free Yoga

As the name suggests the site is absolutely free. All you have to do is just spent some time watching the videos. Moreover, you will be able to learn at a faster rate by practicing at the same time. You have many choices to select from Kundalini, Hatha and Ashtanga yoga classes. Experts can go for power yoga and advanced yoga videos.

Online Websites That Offer Yoga Classes

Gaiam TV

The website offers you to learn yoga’s through online videos. Besides this the site is mainly focusing on customer’s satisfaction through diet advices, films, television shows and interviews. You can undergo training under gurus like Rodney Yee and Gurumukh. Various kinds of yoga poses are available for persons suffering from weight loss, insomnia, arthritis, relaxation, flexibility, relaxation and core strength.

Yoga Today

Here you can watch only one free class per week. This is a premium site which just charges $9 a month. You have an option to choose an appropriate pose given by the certified instructors.


This is one of the favorite sites of most of them. Mainly is very useful for beginners. Here videos are uploaded by advanced yogis ranging for a period of 5 to 35 minutes. The videos are of high quality and offers good for everything. Hence is of much worth in choosing the basic strategies like teachers, duration, level and styles etc.

Yoga Vibes

Yoga Vibes classe s is divided into three levels

  • Level 1: Exercise for newbie’s
  • Level 2: This can be practiced by everyone
  • Level 3: Focused mainly for advanced yogis.

You will naturally develop a liking for this site. Since the place is filled with host of classes and styles. Kundalini classes and the Vlnyasa and Core Fusion are the best from the collection.

Yoga Yak

This is an online yoga studio. Here you have the facility to access the full-length 12 hrs classes. The main benefit is it does not cost you a penny and can enjoy the classes anywhere at anytime. The classes mainly involve practices of meditation and Pranayama. Apart from this the site offers classes in Hatha, Sivananda and Kundalini yoga styles.

Yoga Download

The site offers a complete package from basic Hatha yoga to fusion yoga to power to Bhakti and Qi yoga practices. You can have an unlimited access to the classes by simply paying to the monthly subscription. Facilities are made to take the printouts of the different poses, so one can practice in their free hours.

The fruits of modernization are really worth nowadays. The internet is bustling with all kind of free as well as paid yoga classes. All we have to do is to bring ourselves to the world of exposure.