Yoga The path to healthy and enlightened living

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Yoga opens up the mind to have clearer thoughts and vigil. When we practice yoga with our family it boosts our confidence, which is very important for the survival in today’s world. The family yoga practice helps to reduce the stress and anxiety.

If you are one among those, who feel down or stressed out, you can try yoga for healthy and enlightened living. It boosts the self confidence in yourself.

Recently I had gone to my friend’s native place to partake in her great grandmother’s 90th birthday celebration and there I saw this lady..she had a magical twinkle in her eyes, warmth in her smile and her face was full of radiance, she looked in picture perfect health, I was looking at her dumbfounded ‘Gosh really She is 90?!!’ To clear my doubt I asked my friend once again “you said this is your great grandmother and she is 90 right?” She gave me a stern look which was the warning that one more time you ask me this question and you are dead. I can’t blame her because this was the hundredth time that i was asking her the same question!!. Actually it was not her beauty that took me by surprise it was her health, her fitness, the energy she was showcasing at this age! When i got a chance i asked her what is the secret behind her this radiant health and my friends it isn’t any medication or cosmetics , it is simply a balanced diet and YOGA!! Cool huh! She also shared with me the various benefits of yoga and the magical transformation that it will bring to our lives if practiced regularly. And as it is said that knowledge increases with sharing I would like to share with you all that i learned from her , no need to thank my friends ..The pleasure’s all mine 😀 So let’s start!

Yoga or youthful optimistic grateful approach towards life as she calls it ,helps you to keep a balance between the trio(Mind, Body and soul) which is very essential to maintain the balance of your life! A healthy body, a calm and creative mind and a peaceful soul is the way to enlightened living. So, Here is how yoga helps you to create harmony among the trio.

Yoga for healthy and enlightened living

Mind: The various meditative and breathing exercises of yoga helps your mind to clean up all the cobwebs of negative thoughts and emotions like stress, depression anxiety etc. and fills it with the fresh air of positive ,calmness and creativity. The exercises will help in increasing the flow of oxygen and blood to the brain that in turn will help you in increasing your concentration power.A concentrated and calm mind can think more clearly , creatively and actively and your overall performance of day to day life will be improved.Your thoughts will break their bonds and your mind will transcends limitations!!

yoga for healthy and enlightened living

Body: Yoga makes your body more flexible and strong .It strengthens your muscles and bones and improves the circulation of blood throughout your body.It removes the excessive fat that has made its home in your body helping you to shed that extra weight that you were always worried about. Improved balance and posture comes as a byproduct! Soul: Yoga will connect you to your inner self, with the divine and will uplift your spiritual self leading you to a state of total expectancy and tranquility,You will start experiencing inner peace and happiness. Your consciousness will expand in every direction and you will find yourself in a new, great and wonderful world!

yoga for healthy and enlightened living

So friends that’s how yoga plays with your body ,mind and soul.A disciplined and regular practice of yoga has the power to increase your confidence level and awaken the dormant forces inside you and you will discover your self to be a greater person than you ever dreamed yourself to be!!Sounds awesome huh? So guys what are you waiting for? Get up..Get Started!

Nimisha is a creative writer and an ardent Yoga Fan. She endorses several Yoga dvd and books to promote yoga among the younger generation. Also check her Reviews on Digestacure For Auto immune Diseases

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