Incommensurable Yoga Poses To Attain Physical Change (Weight Loss) Through Spiritual Guidance

Yoga Conditioning for Weight Loss

Going to gym has become a form of fashion nowadays. People love to waste thousands of money for getting a membership in expensive gyms. But they are not trying to know the importance of a valuable gem called yoga. Yoga is a significant way to lose weight which offers good health.

Do you know that there are yoga poses to attain weight loss? Yeah, if you are really looking for a natural way to lose weight, then I would probably recommend practicing yoga poses. By doing so, you are actually practicing workouts.

Many people say that obesity is a form of hereditary disease which runs in the family. Some say, such obesity mainly comes because no one runs in the family. I think this statement is more appropriate than the previous one. It’s unimaginable to think what all things this accumulation of fat can actually lead to.


How many people have come across the news reported by BBC on obesity in the year 2004? Where a three year old girl dies from heart failure caused by obesity, in the Royal London Hospital, isn’t this shocking to hear? Like this how many cases might be happening daily in our society. Obesity is a form of complex disorder associated with many problems like blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease and cancer. Studies are showing a major tripling in childhood obesity in every 25 years.

Going to gym has become a form of fashion nowadays. People love to waste thousands of money for getting a membership in expensive gyms. But they are not trying to know the importance of a valuable gem called yoga. Yoga is a significant way to lose weight which offers good health. This can be practiced from the home itself. The chances of injury are minimal if performed under the guidance of a trained professional. All one need is the basic requirements like a yoga mat and some comfortable clothes to wear.

Different forms of yoga poses to attain weight loss

Ardha Chandraasana (half moon pose)


This pose is beneficial to reduce the stretch marks and helps to tone the buttocks, upper and inner thighs. Strengthen your core and reduces weight to a great extent.


Avoid practicing this pose if you are suffering from digestive disorders, high blood pressure or a spine injury.


  • Stand steady balancing your feet together.
  • Now raise both the hands above your head and clasp the palms together. Make the stretch upto the ceiling level.
  • Exhale and slowly bend sideways from the hips by keeping your hands together. Care should be taken not to bend forward. Keep the elbow straight. At this moment you should feel a stretch from your fingertips to your thighs.
  • Finally inhale and return to the standing position. Continue this pose on the other side.

Utkatasana (chair pose)


Chair pose strengthens the thighs, core muscles and the buttocks.

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Knee or back injury persons should avoid this practice.


  • Stand erect on the yoga mat holding your hands on Namaste pose in front of you.
  • Raise both the hands above your head and bend at the knee in such a way that the thighs are parallel to the floor.
  • Breathe by bending your torso slightly forward.
  • Hold this position for as long as you can. Now return to the standing position.

Vrksasana (tree pose)


This pose can do wonders on the muscles of our abdomen and also tones the arms and thighs


For people suffering from knee and back pain it is recommended to do this asana under the guidance of an expert.

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  • Stand steady with the legs together putting most of your weight on one leg and lesser weight on the other leg.
  • Now raise the leg having the least weight in such a way that your foot is facing inwards towards the opposite knee.
  • Even one can hold their ankle to pull up the leg.
  • Move the heel of your foot on the inner thigh of the other leg as close to the pelvis as you can.
  • Gently raise both your hands above your head, fingers pointing towards the ceiling.
  • Prepare yourself to focus your mind through maintaining the balance.

Uttanasana or forward bending pose


The asana helps the blood flow to your head. Stretches the hamstrings and pressurize the muscles of the abdomen.


  • Stand straight and raise your both hands above your head as you inhale slowly.
  • Now bend forward pushing your buttocks back till the palm touch the floor and forehead touches the knees.
  • Return slowly to the normal position.

Kapal bhati pranayam


This is a great breathing exercise beneficial to oxygenate our body by strengthening the muscles of the abdomen and stomach. Improves the rate of digestion and gives you a flattened tummy.


Persons with high blood pressure and hernia should avoid following this pranayam.


  • Sit comfortably on the yoga mat. Make the spine straightened and yours palms on your knees pointing downwards.
  • Exhale through your nose by pulling your stomach in towards the spine.
  • Then loosen your stomach muscles so the automation breath in process will take place.
  • Now quickly contract the stomach muscles again and exhale.
  • The stomach muscles will be doing the work of pulling in and pushing out air.
  • Practice this initially about 50 times depending on your comforts.

No need to worry if you feel some soreness around the muscles of the stomach and abdomen. Since this is normal.

The above mentioned poses will be of great help if practiced on regular basis. So it’s better to start a journey for a great cause.

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