Yoga asanas for pregnancy

Prenatal Yoga

It is a very sensitive time for a growing mother but we can still control our emotions by deriving the fruits of yoga. The famous yoga instructor Shiva Rea brings you Prenatal yoga DVD for supporting the changes a woman goes through during pregnancy.

Yoga is an art or a way of life uniting our body, breath and mind in a joyful manner. ‘Yoga for everyone’ has become a universal key phrase and so is yoga asanas for pregnancy. Yoga asanas for pregnancy is a combination of gentle and vigorous series of asanas which is taught for the well-being of the body, while an equal emphasis is placed on techniques for nurturing the mind and spirit for labor and birth.

Practicing yoga will keep the pregnant woman’s body active and supple and minimize the common pregnancy symptoms like constipation and morning sickness. It can also help in relieving tension around the cervix and birth canal and by opening the pelvis. Lots of Yoga Dvds for pregnancy are available, which help you to lead a balanced life.

Yoga asanas for pregnancy

Yoga is also beneficial for pregnant woman because it helps to breathe deeply and relax. This breathing technique known as ujjayi requires you to take in air slowly through your nose, filling your lungs, and exhale completely until your stomach compresses. This will help the pregnant woman to face the physical demands of labor, birth, and motherhood.

The aim of pregnancy yoga is to help the mother bring the child into the world with no problems. Yoga asanas for pregnancy practiced across the three trimesters of pregnancy differ with every phase. A pregnant woman must take into consideration her health history before beginning the yoga exercises. The first three months are the most crucial as the chances of miscarriage are very high. It is always better to do it under expert supervision and favorable environment as there are two lives involved in the case of a pregnant woman.

Yoga asanas for pregnancy

A commonly practiced Yoga asanas for pregnancy which helps in dealing with the symptoms of pregnancy, ensuring smoother and easier delivery and faster recovery after childbirth is listed below.

  • Vakrasana – Stretches spine, legs, hands and neck along with gentle massage to abdominal organs.
  • Utkatasana (Chair pose) – Strengthens thigh and pelvic muscles
  • Konasana (Angle pose) – Flexibility of waist and controls the fat in the waist region.
  • Paryankasana (Ham’s pose with one leg) – Strengthens abdominal, pelvic and thigh muscles.
  • Hast Panangustasana (Extended hand to big tow pose) – Strengthens pelvic and thigh muscles.
  • Bhadrasana (Butterfly pose) – Strengthens inner thighs and pelvic region


Along with the Yoga postures, pregnant woman can also practice shoulder lifts, neck exercises, Ujjayi breathing, full yogic breathing, Shavasana, YogNidra, NadiShodhanPranayam and Meditation. Practicing yoga asanas for pregnancy will energize you to enjoy pregnancy, builds a deeper intimacy with your body, mind and the unborn baby and a positive attitude to expect the unexpected and be fully present for the miracle of birth.

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