Yoga asana for pregnancy – Konasana (Angle pose)

Yoga Pregnancy

The benefit of Konasana (Angle pose) is that it helps in stretching the sides of the body and the spine. It helps in relieving the back pain and increases the flexibility of the spine. It also helps in toning the arms, legs and abdominal organs.

The Konasana (Angle pose) Yoga posture technique

  • Stand straight with feet about hip width distance apart and arms alongside the body.
  • Breathing in (inhale), raise your arms overhead and join the palms together, interlacing the fingers to form a steeple position and the arms should be touching the ears.
  • Breathing out (exhale), bend to the right. While bending press your feet firmly into the ground and move the pelvis to the left all the while the elbows should be kept straight.
  • Hold the position for some time. Feel the stretch on the side, relax in this posture. Inhale and exhale deep gentle breaths.
  • Breathing in, return to standing position and breathing out, bring the arms down.
  • Repeat bending to the other side.

Yoga asana for pregnancy – Paryankasana (Ham’s pose with one leg)

Paryankasana commonly called as Ham’s pose with one leg focuses on the pelvic, abdominal and thigh muscles and strengthens them. Pregnancy can benefit from the regular practice of the yoga with minor adjustments and precautions.

The Paryankasana Yoga posture technique:

  • Lie down on your back and straight your legs.
  • Keep your knees together.
  • Fold your right leg in the knee at the side of your posterior.
  • Inhale slowly; stay in this pose as much as you can bear.
  • Straighten your leg and exhale.
  • Repeat with the left leg

Yoga asana for pregnancy – Hast Panangustasana (Extended hand to big tow pose)

Hast Panangustasana strengthens the thigh and pelvic muscles and prepares the pregnant women for childbirth. During second and third trimester this pose helps in strengthening the inner thighs and spines.

Hast Panangustasana

The Hast Panangustasana Yoga posture technique:

  • Lie down on your back. Keep your body in one line by straighten your legs.
  • Stretch out your hands in T-position with palms facing down.
  • Move right leg towards your right side. Hold the toe with your right hand if possible. Don’t try very hard.
  • Bring your leg come back to original position.
  • Repeat the same on left side.

During the second trimester, the expanding belly will affect the sense of balance. The back and leg pain increases and so is the fatigue. Practicing yoga carefully and gently will be good for fatigue, pains and prepares your body for the child birth. Several Yoga DVDs are available for practicing yoga.

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