The Effects of Yoga in Pregnancy

Prenatal Yoga

It is a very sensitive time for a growing mother but we can still control our emotions by deriving the fruits of yoga. The famous yoga instructor Shiva Rea brings you Prenatal yoga DVD for supporting the changes a woman goes through during pregnancy.

Yoga in Pregnancy

Pregnancy is the toughest phase in a woman’s life. No external factors can ease her out of the agony she is going through. She suffers hormonal imbalance, depression, pain, and what not. No medications must be taken during pregnancy makes it more difficult to deal with the sufferings. But one thing can make it easier.

Yoga! Yoga is a technique to ease the mind and body. Yoga is being practiced as curative measures for many ailments and it relaxes the muscles as well. Relaxing those throbbing muscles is a big relief for pregnant ladies. Practicing yoga postures that are designated for pregnancy will be not only easing the muscles, but also aids in relieving pain and makes the pregnant body fit and healthy.


Birthing is a physical labor. When there are preparations for any other task then why not for this life giving task. Yes, pregnancy needs preparation, to prepare the mind and body for the ultimate agony.Doing yoga during pregnancy is known as Prenatal Yoga. This is gaining popularity with more and more women opting for it. It gives a platform for the pregnant ladies to come together and it makes them feel that they are not alone in suffering these discomforts. That relieving feel itself can ease many problems. They are able to share time and knowledge with each other like a perfect gathering. This is combined with some relaxing yoga postures specifically targeting the muscle relaxation and stress relief. Studies have shown that prenatal yoga is not only beneficial for the mother but also good for the child.

What happens at Prenatal Yoga?

Breathing exercises helps reduce short of breathiness during pregnancy. The slow but deep intake and expulsion of breath prepares to face the contraction during labor. Gentle stretching can ease the muscles and gives it a regular movement. These regular movements make the labor less painful. Though only mild movements and postures are recommended for pregnant ladies there may be variations according to the fitness and capability from person to person. Some women have more flexible muscles and are able to more advanced postures and some have rigid muscles and will have to stick to the basics. Only moderate exercises must be done but make sure to do it at least thrice a day but not to overdo it.

Yoga in Pregnancy

Yoga in Pregnancy – What are the Benefits?

  • Prenatal Yoga is the best thing a woman can gift herself with.
  • It calms the nervous system and reduces stress and anxiety and also improves sleep.
  • It increases the flexibility of the muscles that are needed for childbirth.
  • It improves posture and eases the lower back pain.
  • The other benefits are relief from nausea, headaches etc.
  • It reduces the risk of pre-mature childbirth and reduces hypertension related to pregnancy.
  • The breathing exercises helps in the physical and emotional balance and digestion occur properly. It also boosts the immune system and helps in holding breath during labor.
  • The physical exercises increase the blood circulation and reduce body swellings.

Yoga in Pregnancy

The most important of all the benefits is that it creates a bond between the child and mother. The calmness of mother is directly related to the child’s mind. A stress free woman giving birth can be a loving mother in the early infancy. Yoga in Pregnancy need not be restricted during prenatal but can be continued even after childbirth, but only when the body is ready to. Post pregnancy it helps get back in-shape and tighten the loosened muscles. Any prenatal or post-pregnancy course must be taken strictly under an experienced instructor after consulting the gynecologist.

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