How can yoga help us cope with stress?

Yoga for Beginners & Beyond (Yoga for Stress Relief)

Yoga, can it help us to cope with the stress of everyday life? We all find it a bit difficult to manage the stress in our daily life and try to seek various methods to get relief. It is been certified and stated by the mass that the best way to cope with the stress in our day-to-day life is to practice Yoga, a disciplined way to attain complete enlightenment to our life.

Stress is a feeling, the body’s way of rising to a challenge and preparing to meet a tough situation with focus, strength, stamina, and heightened alertness. The natural reaction to the stress is stress response and it is different for different people. Yoga as a daily practice is the best way to cope with the stress.

Yoga is the unique disciplined way of uniting body, mind and breath and the various asanas of yoga help us to loosen up the tense muscles in our body. Yoga is a discipline which seeks to bring the internal environment of an individual under his control, thereby making an individual happy within himself and with his surroundings. Human life is a period of mixed feelings which includes happiness, sorrow, anxiety, stress, misery, and it goes on. As humans we have our own way to cope up with our feelings and emotions and happenings. At the same time there are times when we might seek some different methods to get relief from hard and stressful phases of our life. Human life is a gift of the super-natural power which controls the Universe. To lead a happy and peaceful life we have to adopt some mechanisms which keep our body and soul healthy and lively.


Yoga helps us to access an inner strength that allows us to face fears, frustrations and challenges of everyday life. A small daily routine of exercise, breathing and meditation will help to reduce stress in the body, breath and mind and also help us to build coping skills. Yoga exercises or postures work with the tension and makes us aware of the tension in the body and helps us to understand and release it. Breathing exercises helps in bringing emotional stability and calmness to our mind and body. Yoga DVDs are available in amazon. Meditation helps to focus our mind, relieves the mental tension and thus brings clarity and peace of mind. A few Yoga exercises practiced daily help to regulate the breath and relax the body by gently releasing tension from the large muscle groups, flushing all parts of the body and brain with fresh blood, oxygen, and other nutrients, and increasing feelings of well-being. Daily practice of yoga creates a self awareness of body, mind and soul and helps in nurturing and developing the whole person and thus empowers us to deal with any kind of stress.

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