The Simplest Ways to Make The Best of Yoga For Neck Pain

Viniyoga Therapy for the Upper Back, Neck & Shoulders

Neck is an area where injuries can occur easily or cause pain. This neck pain affects our daily routine. Neck pain occurs on the upper back and the shoulders. One of the reasons for this pain is our sleeping postures and the mattress in which we sleep.

People who are doing office works are mainly affected. Whole day we sit in front of computers without rotating our neck can also affect our body. You go for different sprays, balms and different medications. Besides this, the problem can be reduced through practicing the simple steps of yoga for neck pain.

Yoga For Neck Pain

Following are the simple steps of Yoga For Neck Pain

Thread the needle pose of yoga for neck pain

This pose stretches the shoulders, arms, chest, neck and upper back. Also releases the tension in the upper back and in the shoulder blades. Thread the needle gives mild twist to the spine which reduces our tensions.


  • Start on the knees and hands. Initially place your wrists under the shoulders and the knees under your hips.
  • Now point the fingertips to the top of your mat. Care should be taken that your shins and knees are width apart.
  • Maintain the tables pose by keeping the center of your head in a neutral position and soften the gaze downwards.
  • Exhale by sliding the right arm beneath the left arm with your palm facing upwards. Allow your right shoulder come all the way down to the mat.
  • Slowly rest your right ear and check on the mat and look towards the left side.
  • Keep the left elbow lifting and the hips raised. Don’t press your entire weight onto your head.
  • Relax your lower back by broadening your upper back. Let all the tension of the shoulders, arms and neck to drain away.
  • Hold the same position for one minute.
  • Return to the normal position through your left hand by gently sliding your right hand. Come back to the table pose. Repeat the steps on the opposite side for the same amount of time.

Shoulder Opener on blocks – Yoga For Neck Pain

Brings flexibility to the shoulders, lowers chances of injury. Especially, good for sports persons to increase their performance and also makes our everyday life stress free.


  • Keep two blocks in front of you. Now start kneeling and place the elbows on these blocks.
  • Hold your both hands in a prayer position and then release your head in between the blocks and flip-flop the prayer down the back.
  • Maintain the same position for about 10 deep breaths.

Supported Fish Pose – Yoga For Neck Pain

The pose stretches the throat, chest, abdomen and hip flexors. Also boosts the back of the neck and the upper back of the muscles. Increases the rate of breathing through opening up the lungs and regular practice of this pose reduce anxiety and fatigue.


  • Lie on your back keeping the legs extended and the arms resting alongside the body keeping the palms down.
  • Push your forearms and elbows into the ground lifting up your chest to form an arch in your upper back. Now, lift the shoulder blades and upper torso off the floor.
  • Keep pressing through the forearms and hands.
  • Your thighs should be kept energized. Press outward through the heels.
  • Hold this for five breaths.
  • Release the pose by pressing your forearms to lift your head off the floor. Exhale as you lower your head to the floor.

Cow face pose

Mainly strengthens the abdominals and spine. Also comforts chronic knee pain.


  • Begin with the table pose. Cross the right leg in front of the left. Now walk both ankles out to the side walls.
  • Slowly run the hands to the tops of the ankles.
  • Use the arms for the support while lowering the hips to the floor.
  • Bring your left fingers between the shoulder blades and the right hand around the back in such a way to hold the left fingers. Now pull the arms towards each other.
  • Exhale and lower the forehead to the knees.
  • Inhale deeply holding 3-8 breaths.
  • To return to the natural position, start by releasing the arms and carefully inhale the head and torso up. Walk the hands forward maintained in the table position.
  • Now repeat the same procedure on the other side.
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