Effects of Yoga on stress hormones and quality of life

Yoga for Beginners & Beyond (Yoga for Stress Relief)

Studies have found that the effects of yoga on stress hormones are positive and beneficial.  Here, in this article, we shall be looking in to how yoga affects one’s stress hormones and quality of life.

Stress hormones are some of the most underestimated factors in a person’s life as many of them don’t understand the long term potential to affect your life in a negative way. Hormonal imbalances are the reasons for many of your problems like lack of sleep, headache, joint pains, hair loss and many more. Hormones play the role of messengers in our body and intimates to your physiological systems how to react. Hormones are the key factor behind your emotions and are the one who give you the intimation to take rest.

Hormonal balances are the reason for many diseases like diabetes and 6000 other diseases. Some of the main reasons for these disorders come from birth control pills, stress, overuse of cosmetics and non-organic animal products. Other causes include genetics, obesity and tumors. There are many form of medication which claims to control the imbalance of hormones and which also in some cases come from severe side effects.

Natural methods are the best cure for hormone imbalance as hormonal imbalances should be cured gently and carefully as every behavior is dependent on the functioning of the hormones. One of the greatest cure and remedy for hormonal imbalance is yoga as it works on both the mental and physiological aspects.

Effects of Yoga on stress hormones

Advantages of Yoga – Effects of Yoga on stress hormones

  • Regulation of hormone releases: The functioning and release of these hormones are completely based on your surroundings. It is essential to keep your mind and body calm and balanced and yoga helps you to achieve through the postures which gives the right amount of pressure on the organs which helps in striking that balance.
  • Pituitary glands: The pituitary gland is known as the master gland and is the one responsible for the release of all the hormonal glands which makes it one of the crucial organ in our system and the art of yoga helps in strengthening the glands by its spot pressurizing effect and the breathing makes you relax and automatically helps in bringing that balance.
  • Helps you sleep: Sleep is a crucial factor for the maintaining the functioning of the hormonal glands. Sleep time is the time for repair as body is not doing any activity.


These are some of the ways in which yoga can help you in maintaining that hormonal balance. The hormonal balance is something which can be easily visible as it will make you calm and relaxed and enables you to control your stress. Yoga is an art which was developed by a years of refinement and includes the effects for every organ in a body.

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