Fitness Yoga: Yoga for weight loss for beginners Yoga DVD

Biggest Loser: Weight Loss Yoga [DVD]

The workouts in this DVD are not meant for beginners but they are flexible and modified to suit anyone. All the instructions are clear and well detailed in a voice over. The postures are muscle strengthening and the sequences have a flow.

The Yoga for weight loss for beginners Fitness Yoga DVD is an interactive Yoga DVD which helps beginners go through the practice of Yoga. These Yoga moves not only create an inner peace and harmony but also promotes weight loss in the body.

This fitness Yoga DVD is specifically made for those people who have never practiced Yoga, but would like to get into the discipline and also improve fitness along the way.

Fitness Yoga DVD

This fitness Yoga DVD gives you 12 different and easy to choose from customized routines that range from 15 to 60 minutes. You can tone your body, improve fitness and burn calories using the Yoga for weight loss for beginners fitness Yoga DVD. There are toning and stretching exercises for your entire body. This Yoga DVD will help you feel invigorated, more energized and stress free.

The routine sections of the fitness Yoga DVD includes Getting Started, As you progress, Yoga with Weights and more. The instructor Maggie Rhoades gives gentle and instructive directions which you can listen to in order to learn the Yoga moves properly. The routines she uses are proven and effective. There is a lot of variety on the fitness Yoga DVD and this makes it a good choice for both beginners and learned Yoga students alike. The routines are easy enough for everyday use and they are effective enough to change your body.

Fitness Yoga DVD

The Yoga for beginners for weight loss fitness Yoga DVD promises that you will feel younger, more fit and in proper shape when you follow these targeted and effective moves. The background of the fitness yoga DVD is very appealing as well, shot at the Hal-Moon Bay, Antigua which is one of the most calm and majestic beaches in the world.


The fitness Yoga DVD is a step above normal fitness DVDs. It is recommended for everyone and would help improve flexibility, lose weight, develop a better mental health and it is also a fun activity to do everyday! With regular use of the fitness Yoga DVD, you feel better balanced and healthy. The first section of the fitness yoga DVD is meant for beginners, the second sections a little more challenging and the third section is interesting and fun with bands and light weights to improve you muscle health as well. You will also have better heart and lung health with the full body workouts. The instructions are very clearly done and this fitness Yoga DVD is a must try for everyone who would like to try Yoga.

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Biggest Loser: Weight Loss Yoga [DVD]
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