7 Essential Stretches For Tight Hips & Better Flexibility

Yoga Wisdom for Back Pain & Tight Hips

Stretching is one of the essential thing your body needs for better flexibility. It is important and you should spare some minutes of your busy life to perform stretching or other body opening exercises. Essential Stretches For Tight Hips & Better Flexibility are proven to keep you stay healthy and active throughout the day.

I was ignorant to this fact until one day I felt severe pain in my hips after a running race with my kid on a picnic. Unfortunately, the routine necessities of life had made me avoid performing exercises while making my hips less functional and my body less flexible. Also, sitting most of the day art work may have resulted into tight hips. Hips and the surrounded muscles is the base for most of our bodily movements. Walking, running, climbing stairs, kneeling, etc. as well as all sports activities requires good hip strength and better flexibility for ultimate performance.

Today, tight hips are a common problem for nearly everyone — runners, cyclists, deskbound executives or dancers. The 7 essential stretches for tight hips which I found effective are mentioned here to provide your body with better flexibility.

Happy Baby Essential Stretches For Tight Hips & Better Flexibility: Happy baby stretch for tight hips looks bit funny but it really calming hip opener stretch which also benefits your lower back.

Lay down flat on your back. Bend both knees, and with your hands hold the outside edges of your flexed feet. Ensure to keep your arms on the outsides of your legs. Slowly use your upper-body power to equally press both knees to the floor below your armpits. Do not move your shoulders or chest, and keep body relaxed and flat. Continue holding this pose for five deep breaths.

Butterfly pose – Essential Stretches For Tight Hips & Better Flexibility: Butterfly is a classic essential stretch for tight hips that is also very useful for the groin muscles, and for improving hip rotation to the side. Butterfly pose demand to stretch both hips simultaneously.

Sit on the yoga mat; bend both knees to bring your feet together. With the help of your hands, open your feet up like a book and hold them. Use your leg strength to push your knees down toward the floor. Stretch your spine inward on your belly. Relax your shoulders, and look either in the front or toward your feet. Stay here for nearly five breaths, and then gently fold forward, drawing your torso toward your legs. Ensure you try to keep your spine straight.

Keep your hands on your feet and press your knees down with your arms. For more stretch, you can extend your arms out in front of you and remain in same pose for extra five breaths.

Frog Essential Stretching pose For Tight Hips & Better Flexibility: Frog pose is little more intensive stretching for tight hips. Perform it slowly and easily while not forcing a range of motion on your body for which it may not be ready to achieve.

Sit on the ground on your knees. If you wish you can fold your yoga mat horizontally into half. Stretch your hips and knees to align knees and ankle in line, keeping toe out. Settle hips right over knees and come down to your forearms or may be all the way down to chest and stay here till the time it is comfortable or 5 deep breathes. You can also place a block under the chest to take some strain away from arms and relax.

Pigeon yoga pose : Pigeon is a basic yoga pose and amongst the most effective stretch for tight hips as here you focus on one hip at a time.

Sit with your right knee bent and your left leg extended behind you. Pull the right heel in toward your left hip, while foot facing outside. If your hips are more open, inch your right foot away from body. Ensure the left hip is pointing down toward the yoga mat. Stay here with your hands lying on your right hips, or put your hands out in front of you, allowing your torso to rest over your right knee. Hold here for at least five breaths. Repeat this pose with the left knee bent.

This pose may not be performed by people with knee surgeries as lot of stretch is given on knees. If you find any discomfort do not perform pigeon pose.

Head to Knee  Essential Stretches For Tight Hips & Better Flexibility: Head to Knee is a popular stretch for tight hips and hamstrings which is also useful for your back.

Sit on the ground with legs out in front of you and toes upright. Bend your right knee, and pull the sole of your foot towards your left inner hip. Sit with a straight back and try both hands to reach your left foot, and bring your torso on top of your left hip. If you feel discomfort reaching your hands to foot then place your hands on your shin or knee. But do not bend your back. Remain in this pose for at least five breaths. Relax your body keeping tall spine. Repeat head to knee pose for other leg.

Kneeling Hip Flexor: The Kneeling Hip Flexor is a nice variation for another more intense stretch.
Take a pillow and place it on the ground. Keep right knee on the pillow and bring left knee on the front. Now slowly lean forward while maintaining back straight. Put weight on right knee and slowly lean forward to finish stretch. Keep back straight. Hold position for some time and repeat for another hip.

Traveling Butterfly: Traveling Butterfly is similar to previously mentioned butterfly stretch position. This pose requires sitting on your butt with your legs straight out in front and hands backward holding the body weight.

Sit on the ground and bend both knees to bring your feet together. Open your feet up and hold them in this pose. With your legs strength push your knees down toward the floor. At the same time, place your hands backward to hold your body weight and to keep back straight. This pose works great to improve circulation and get your hips moving after the lengthy stretching moves performed by them.


I am sure that with the aforementioned 7 essential stretches for tight hips you will successfully improve your body flexibility and restart running worry free just like me.

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