Yoga for couples

Partner Yoga

Yoga is for physical and mental empowerment and doing it with the partner of a friend or even the child is called Couples yoga or Partners yoga. The motto of doing partners yoga is to improve the mental balance between the partners and to evoke a sense of understanding or flexibility into the relationship. The yoga for partners requires the blend of both the bodies in a rhythmic sync with perfect pressure and touch.

The poses are mutually beneficial for both and are a mix of therapeutic, acrobatics, dance, and martial arts with basic yoga. It helps to increase trust and confidence between them since the postures requires the mutual balance and support and trust. The couples yoga DVD comes with good medium to distress, increase fitness and strengthen the relationship and bond. The practice usually involves postures, alert breathing, intimacy, trust, and communication. It also develops a sense of give and take since the partners will have to support each other in turns. It must be practiced in relaxed environment.


There are many couples yoga DVDs that help couples to practice yoga at home. This practice helps them stay fit and also allow time to send with each other. The Prenatal Yoga for Partners is meant for partners who are expecting and this will not only keep the expecting mother fit but also helps the father to over some his anxieties. The slow pace helps relax the muscles and body. The partners are taught new massage technique to ease the mom’s pain and cramps. Other Yoga DVDs are more of intimate and sensual that helps to have a fit and fine body to prepare for more intimacy. The postures and other workouts are transcended in to the personal lives in bringing joy, vitality, and peace of mind. The workouts are challenging with a range of postures like forward folds, back bends, twists, side bends, and standing poses. These are simple and easy to practice even for beginners and for people who are not fit and flexible. These when done in the right way leaves both the partners feel relaxed both physically and mentally.

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