Yoga for Kids DVD

Yoga for Kids

Researches show that yoga asanas are great in children. They find that these children have healthy body, mind and soul. They perform well and secure better grades in their exams. They are able to handle stress calmly and are more patient.

Stress is not something that affects only the grownups. Children living in this busy world may be more stressed than their parents. Most of the time the parents may not be available for them and they may feel neglected. They are too young to make them understand why the world is running fast. Yoga is a practice to calm both body and mind.

Children can also do some yoga workouts that are meant for them. Doing yoga can ease their mind and distress and rejuvenate the young body and soul. Schools have yoga as part of their curriculum. It not only gives them some time out of studies and also helps them calm their mind. It helps the busy bodies to concentrate more. It can help the shy kids to be more energetic. It promotes physical strength and enables more flexibility. The muscle movements with each posture make the child aware of his body. Yoga is the best way to boost a child’s self confidence. It helps calm the nerves and the child will be less anxious. It is beneficial for children at all ages and particularly or special children.

Yoga is now part of school, ok, what about doing yoga at home? Parent must initiate and encourage kids to do yoga at home with them. Yoga is not something that must be done alone; it is a group process as well. When working out together, it brings about the love and care for each other and the kids feel loved and important. They don’t feel left out. Yoga workouts at home are challenging. It need an instructing video and that’s what Yoga for kids DVDs are for. There are many Yoga DVDs available in the market with well detailed instructions, explanations, and workout methods shot in some beautiful and exotic locales around the world. These videos are meant to catch the child’s attention. Each pose is compared and mimicked to being an animal and asks the child to pretend that he/she is that animal and ask them to stretch as much as they could so that they are as big or small as it.


The pace of the workout is suitable for the children as they don’t like to stand still for a more than a minute. There are many DVDs for kid’s yoga and each one may concentrate on any particular theme to make the kids workout. They could be whale, horse or anything just to get their attention. There are story telling yoga DVDs where the poses are aligned with the story parts and it is more fun than just being a physical endure. Most of the DVDs are targeted for kids from the age of 3 and above. The methods are adapted to the age group it is targeted. It is better to upgrade the videos as the child grows and a consistent workout regime throughout the life will be more advantageous. They will have more flexible and fit body and will not be prone to diseases frequently.

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