Yoga For Kids: How to Calm Little Minds

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Researches show that yoga asanas are great in children. They find that these children have healthy body, mind and soul. They perform well and secure better grades in their exams. They are able to handle stress calmly and are more patient.

Yoga is a natural remedy for anxiety but would it work the same for children. The experts say yes. I could almost believe that. Though this theory lacks much scientific proof, I don’t count on those proofs as there are so many other things in our life that has been happening for a long while without the backup science or research. As far as I am concerned yoga is centuries old and has been known to cure this anxiety problem in all.

I am no authority of anxiety disorder in children, mine never had THAT problem. What I had to deal with was the hyperactivity. It almost resembles anxiety with agitated and unpredictable behavior. I took my son for yoga to get himself calm, improve his concentration, and have better sleep at night.

How yoga benefits the child?

Yoga is believed to bring down all the agitated behavior of the body. It physiologically changes the way body responds to various situations. An anxious person will have higher amount of the compounds that makes changes like higher heart rate, breathing pattern and over alert mind. Yoga works on to reduce these changes and make the person at better control.

In children, anxiety makes them less and less tolerant to sit calm for a few minutes. Yoga helps with this problem too. The yoga poses usually takes a bit longer than other workouts. Each pose should be held for a while before the body eases back. Regular practice will make this insistence into the child’s brain and train him to sit tight for a little longer than usual. I can support this as I have seen the difference in my son’s behavior. He couldn’t sit for more than 1-2 minutes before he finds something distracting, now he is good at finishing his homework without a distracted mind.

The other benefits of yoga are

  • To boost his/her self esteem and help develop the skills they have. The yoga poses intended for children are simple and easy to do. It helps them have belief in them that they can do. The flexibility, balance, and relaxation brings a new perspective to them.
  • Helps mingle with more people to feel calm and safe. Often anxiety prevents the child fro participating in organized sports or programs. Yoga teaches them to be organized and how to make them part of the old system once again.
  • That the constant body movements could counter the anxiety feelings. The temper outburst and mood swings were the main cures I could find in my son after weeks of yoga practice.

Calm Down Yoga For Kids – Breathing exercises helps calm the mind

Anxiety often relates with harder breathing. The breathing exercises that are part of yoga helps regulate the breathing. Taking deeper breathes is what we have all heard as way to calm the tension, isn’t it? The same is associated with yoga and is a part of various poses as well. It could make as a timeout session for the children from their daily activities and studies.

Yoga is not a cure

Yoga does not cure the anxiety disorder. Instead it helps the body adjust to the stress and changes that is happening around. Anxiety treatment is all about coping. The various stretches and poses of yoga gradually train the body to cope with each situation and also make the body work better.

Regularity is the key to success with yoga for anxiety in children. Relief is not something that happens overnight. My son is just 6 weeks into yoga. There are no major changes as of now but I could see the subtle differences in its concentration and duration of its patience. It says it takes some years before the body is completely in control over the mind games, but here let’s look for the monthly changes.

Make yoga as a game, the different yoga poses – Calm Down Yoga For Kids

Yoga for children is often adopting names of animals to make it interesting. While doing yoga at home, try to cook some stories if you are good at it. Make each pose part of the story. Since most poses are named after animal, an animal story would just be apt.

  • Snake Pose Calm Down Yoga For Kids: Lie down on stomach and stretch the arms and legs backwards completely. Clasp the finger together and feet pointed to hold the pose. It is also recommended to hiss like the snake to make it complete.
  • Child’s Pose Calm Down Yoga For Kids is to sit on your feet with knees bend. Stretch the arms forward and touch the forehead on the ground. This pose is known for relaxation and relieving stress by calming the central nervous system.
  • Tree Pose Calm Down Yoga For Kids will be fun for kids and a challenging one. It could also make as a competition as to who can hold it longer. It is simple to have one knee bent and have the feet resting on the opposite thigh. Fold the hands in the front and stay straight. Many believe that this pose can distract the mind from anxiety triggering causes. Hold the pose for a while and repeat the same with the other leg.
  • Camel Pose Calm Down Yoga For Kids is to sit on the feet and then raise the body to stretch backwards and the hands holding the feet. The chest would be high up like the hump on the camel. Arch the body firmly with the head forward.
  • Frog Pose Calm Down Yoga For Kids is another fun pose for children that they would love to do. Stand with feet apart and squat down with the hands touching down. Raise the body slightly up and then down. Make some sound as well.
  • Butterfly Pose Calm Down Yoga For Kids is to sit on the ground with the knees bend and feet facing each other. Wrap the hands over the feet and force the knees to touch ground and then take it up like the butterfly flapping its wings.

The bottom line

Do not expect a complete change in the child. The anxiety problem could still stay inside them but would not come up as often as it used to be or for those simple or silly reasons. Even for the major outburst, it could still help the child to hold himself firm and better controlled than before.

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