Now You Can Have The Yoga For Kids: How To Calm Little Minds From Stress Of Your Dreams – Cheaper/Faster Than You Ever Imagined

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Researches show that yoga asanas are great in children. They find that these children have healthy body, mind and soul. They perform well and secure better grades in their exams. They are able to handle stress calmly and are more patient.

I recently happened to meet a four year old girl named Yami. I was shocked when I saw her practicing yoga with her mom, yes am talking about yoga for kids. Her mom told me “ she began mimicking poses, from the age of two itself”. This all started when her mom was showing her hubby poses for lowering neck pain.

She gets up early in the morning and says “ Mom, lets practice yoga! I don’t want to be famous or rich, all I want is to live my life happy without any worries”. After hearing these great words, I was completely mum…….

Importance of yoga for kids

We feel only adult people get stressed. No, not at all, this is a wrong misconception. When kids gets anxious they exhibit this in the form of crying. Just taking deep breathes in and out is an helpful method to combat anxiety. Study conducted by Harvard Medical School proved yoga as a rewarding tool for adolescent mental health. Kids brain are sensitive while yoga helps them to connect with their bodies and know when they are stressed.

Some of the yoga poses for your anxious kids

Mountain pose yoga for kids


  • Mountain pose is beneficial for growing children’s to increase their height.
  • Provides stretching to their muscles and nerves.
  • Improves concentration by reducing stress.
  • Good for backaches.


  • In the beginning, both mom and child should stand with their legs apart, back straight.
  • Keep your both arms down by your sides.
  • In the next step, dive your both arms over your head. Take care that your arms are kept straight with your fingertips pointing towards the ceiling.
  • Deeply exhale like the echo of a mountain.
  • Finally repeat the same process of (inhalation and exhalation) and continue the above mentioned steps.

Tree pose


  • Helps the kids to learn patience.
  • Balances neuro-muscular co-ordination.
  • Fortifies the inner ears, shoulders and eyes.
  • Improves balance and strengthens the spine.


  • For tree pose, stand in mountain pose holding your arms at your sides.
  • In the second step, lift up the left leg with the knee bend to the side.
  • Keep the bottom area of your left foot on the inner-side of your right knee.
  • Bring both your palms together in front of the breast bone.
  • Now exhale by making the swishing leaves noise holding the pose.
  • Repeat the same procedure on the other leg.

Downward Facing Dog yoga for kids


  • Heightens flexibility
  • Strengthens the arms and legs.
  • Energizes the body.


  • Both you and your kid get on all four on the yoga mat. Keep your knees bent and your palms flat.
  • Fingers should be kept facing forward directly below your shoulders.
  • In the next step inhale deeply, hold.
  • Exhale by pushing the bottoms of your toes on the yoga mat behind you and stretch your legs.

Points to ponder in this pose

  • Your ears should be pointing up in the air, back straight and your arms and legs extended.
  • Inhale deeply as much as you can and make a ruff sound.


Yoga is not something to be practiced in a serious mood. The more fun you add to it the more your child will be able to grasp from it. After all “yoga teaches us to cure what need not be endured and endure, what cannot be cured “ as said by B.K .Iyengar.

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