Yoga: A fun way to keep your kid healthy

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Researches show that yoga asanas are great in children. They find that these children have healthy body, mind and soul. They perform well and secure better grades in their exams. They are able to handle stress calmly and are more patient.

Yoga for kids health is a good concept that can be followed at home. Make it a habit, so that your kids grow as good human beings with good health.

Yoga for kids health,  helps kids thrive and be healthy and happy. Children have been blessed with boundless energy. They love to be active, play outdoors and are generally fun loving. Our school system requires children to sit in classes for long hours. Technology has also played its part in keeping children indoors. Children are less inclined to play outdoors. This is against their natural instincts. Children have to be active to remain healthy. Play develops physical and emotional strength and it is also fun. So children have to be encouraged to play.

Yoga for kids is not just relaxation and exercise. Yoga is another form of active play. It helps kids develop body movements, poses to strengthen the body and exercises in coordination. Yoga also helps children use their imagination and mental powers. Yoga should be taught to children in simple and imaginative postures so that they enjoy practicing the same. Teachers too can incorporate some Yoga exercises in their classrooms everyday.

Teaching Yoga to kids – Yoga for kids health

Children’s yoga sessions should be only for 15-20 minutes. Different poses can be tried out. Breathing exercises too can be incorporated as it will help children improve their concentration and help them remain calm in tense situations. Movements should be approached with fun so that children enjoy doing yoga. Visuals can be introduced where possible and difficult poses should not be introduced to children even if their bodies are flexible.

Yoga for kids health

Yoga can also be adapted to teach children with special needs also. Some of the balancing exercises are tough for them in the beginning but with practice, most of these kids will be able to master these techniques.

There are a number of thematic yogas available as Yoga DVDs and these can be used to make yoga learning fun for children. There are also yoga poses like Dinosaur Yoga, Shape Yoga and Bug Yoga which can be taught to children to make yoga fun.

Some benefits of yoga for kids health

Yoga increases strength, flexibility and balance of kids. It improves their concentration and attention span. The breathing exercises provide relaxation, self control and improves lung capacity. It also improves their health and general well being.

Yoga for kids health
Yoga also helps children with special needs by improving their motor coordination. It reduces their stress and anxiety and helps them cope better. These abilities will help children become more productive in their daily routines and education.
Last but not the least, yoga helps reduce obesity which is a common problem faced by children today. It reduces the health problems related to obesity.

Yoga practice – rules and adaptations

Yoga for kids health

Children should be given plenty of water and fruits and vegetables and less of processed food. They should be encouraged to stay active. Yoga poses can be adapted to suit children according to their abilities and needs. Knowing about their health conditions in advance will help to modify yoga according to their needs/ special needs.

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