Yoga For Beginners DVD

Yoga For Beginners

Yoga for Beginners DVD is released by well known yoga instructor Barbara Benagh who is practically breathing yoga for the past 35 years.

How well do you know Yoga?

There are a lot of things you need to ask before learning Yoga. (a) What is Yoga exactly, (b) how can you benefit from learning Yoga and (c) how long do you wish to continue practicing Yoga…

Yoga, an Indian discipline, transferred to generations from holistic gurus is a way for knowing our inner self whilst controlling our emotions, balancing our body towards achieving greater physical and emotional strength.

If you are a beginner, Barbara Benagh, the famous yoga instructor brings you Yoga for Beginners DVD for taking the first steps in Yoga. Yoga for Beginners includes lot of sound techniques along with eight customized routines for your mind and body to aid you in strengthening your muscles, flexible joints, and improved vitality moving you to a have a wider and optimistic perspective towards life.

How Yoga for Beginners work

This Yoga DVD starts with “Getting started” sessions that consists of five shorter (less than 30 minutes) routines which are just initial sequences and detailed instructions for learning yoga postures by concentrating on the proper alignment and posture. The second session (As You Progress) consists of 30-70 minutes thorough postures to give you an in-depth knowledge of how yoga works in your body. Each and every session contains different background combined with the soothing voice of Barbara Benagh. It is beautiful shot in Half Moon Bay, Antigua with amazing sceneries to give you the feeling of experiencing the whole moments spent while practicing Yoga.

Yoga for Beginners consists of back extensions, cobra moves, sun salutations, hip openers moving for full work out sessions of energizing your body, silencing the mind, rejuvenating yourself etc. Though some of it may prove difficult initially to you, you can always figure out the duration of the time you need to hold a pose.

Yoga for Beginners DVD Review

Pros: A general consensus believes the Yoga DVD is apt for freshers who are getting to know Yoga. The sound quality is quite good compared to other Yoga tutorials available and words of Barbara Benagh prove quite motivating for certain beginners.

Cons: Certain movements and workouts are quite repetitive and are held for prolonged time. Also, certain postures are elaborated to a large extent which could ultimately turn into a boring session.

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